Staff Association

Web & Electronic Development Committee


  • Secretary, Chair
  • One executive board member
  • A representative from Information Technology (preferably in Web Development)

Mission Statement

To keep the Staff Association website up to date and user-friendly, promote use of the website by both board members and staff on campus, and coordinate with other committees to ensure web accessibility for all applicable functions such as yearly elections, staff awards, etc.

Strategic Plan

  • Prepare meeting agendas for meetings and distribute via email to all board members before meeting.
  • Complete minutes of meeting, have them approved by board, and posted to the Staff Association website within a week of the meeting.
  • Via web program Contribute, be able to update website with minimal supervision.
  • Coordinate with Social Affairs to get photographs of all staff association functions and post to website.
  • Review the website each year to determine more user-friendly and functional ways to get information to board and entire SUU staff members.