Employee of the Month

  • Lee Byers
    Lee Byers
    December 2017

SUU students get the opportunity to have hands-on experience in broadcasting and Lee has been the one to teach many of these students lessons that have lasted them for years.

This award recognizes excellent service by a staff employee. Recipient is awarded a $50 gift certificate to, and donated by, the Bookstore and a designated parking space for a month.

For More Information: Contact Linda Bauer, Staff Association Coordinator at 435-586-7851 or bauerl@suu.edu

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  • Kristin Wiggins
    Kristin Wiggins
    November 2017
  • Drew Torgerson
    Drew Torgerson
    August 2017
  • Chris Ralphs
    Chris Ralphs
    July 2017
  • Sara Greener
    Sara Greener
    June 2017
  • Madalyn Swanson
    Madalyn Swanson
    May 2017
  • Sherri Batt
    Sherri Batt
    April 2017
  • Rob Myers
    Rob Myers
    March 2017
  • Greg Turnbeaugh
    Greg Turnbeaugh
    February 2017
  • Quinn Mathews
    Quinn Mathews
    January 2017
  • Bob Ogie
    Bob Ogie
    December 2016
  • Brad Brown
    Brad Brown
    November 2016
  • Tammi Miller
    Tammi Miller
    October 2016
  • Matt Vandenberghe
    Matt Vandenberghe
    September 2016
  • Mary Jo Anderson
    Mary Jo Anderson
    August 2016
  • Trecia Loveland
    Trecia Loveland
    July 2016