Center for Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is balancing the relationship between environmental stewardship, economic development, and social responsibility while meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Does the University have a recycling program?

Yes! SUU currently recycles paper, cardboard, inkjet printer cartridges, laser printer cartridges, cell phones, iPods, plastic and aluminum. Paper for recycling can be placed in any of the blue Recycle bins placed all over campus. Corrugated cardboard can be left at the paper recycle bins. For large amounts of paper and/or cardboard, contact Chad Thomas ( to arrange a pick-up.

Printer cartridges, cell phone and iPods are recycled through the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice. Items for recycling can be sent to GC 406 through campus mail, or contact Sandi Levy ( to arrange for pick-up.

Plastic and aluminum are recycled via bins in every building, which are sponsored by the Earth Club.