Center for Sustainability


To be recognized as a leader in the stewardship of our region's resources by promoting the sustainable operation of our campus and community and educating southern Utah through research and action oriented community partnerships.


By reflecting Southern Utah University's core value of community and social responsibility, the Campus Sustainability Committee will provide leadership through education, innovation and outreach to engage our students, faculty, staff and community in sustainable living and purposeful inquiry.


Education – in and out of the classroom

  • Student groups and projects
  • Faculty and staff involvement as advisors and instructors
  • Professional Associations – standards, practices, conferences, learning outcomes
  • Locate and provide important literature and publications
  • Dissemination of relevant research and innovation done at SUU and elsewhere

Innovation – research, campus operation and construction; SUU policy should reflect a dedication to improving our campus, community and world

  • Extraordinary solutions to extraordinary problems;
  • Dedication of resources – time and money – to the continued development
  • Purchasing
  • Focus on information technology and a paperless workplace
  • Construction and renovation – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Utilize current facilities as a laboratory

Outreach – take seriously our role of being a comprehensive, regional university and engage our region by starting with ourselves in inspiring and effecting change

  • Slogan/Branding (i.e. SUUstainable, SUU Green, etc.)
  • Website
  • Listserv
  • Open Forums/Focus Groups
  • Information Sessions/Training – campus and community
  • Coordination of community resources
    • Recycling locations
    • Conservation programs with utilities providers
  • Sustainable living tips
  • Impact on local economy and a family/individual budget