Center for Sustainability

You Can Recycle at SUU!


*White office paper *Colored Paper *Posted Notes *Envelopes *Packaging boxes (like Cereal boxes) *Magazines *Newspapers *Books *Brochures *File Folders

<< ! ! We offer secure paper shredding!! >> (Confidential material is placed in locked bins &/or immediately picked up by recycling assistants; paper goes to TURN Secure Shredding)


*Boxes and packaging - Please break down & place neatly by a Recycle bin or call for a special pick-up


*Bottles *Wrapping from Food *Packaging material *PensPlastic #'s 1-5 (not PS #6)

(Mixed material is processed at Souther Utah Recycling Enterprise (SURC)


*Cell Phones *Computers *Old Appliances *Cords *Cameras

(E-waste Material goes to Call2Recycle or Virgin Valley Recycling)

Printer/Ink Cartridges

Used Material can be collected by our Recycling Assistant or taken to Sandi Levy in the General Classroom Building; Political Science Dept. GC 406.

< < !!Watch for Recycling Drives Throughout the Year!! > >