A person doing work in an unfinished ceiling.

Building the Future

Through its multiple and integrated roles as classroom, laboratory, and community center, SUU serves as a touchstone for experiential education leading to personal growth, civic responsibility, and professional excellence.

Although SUU has made significant improvements with its facilities as well as with its grounds, we must continue to provide students with modern facilities. Your financial support of SUU’s capital projects make an indelible mark on the life of T-Birds.

Utah State Legislature Appropriates Funding for Academic Classroom Building

Currently in design by MHTN Architects, the $45 million, three-story, 90,000 square-foot flexible space building will house the Art and Design Department, our new Film Studies program, the History, Sociology, & Anthropology Department, the Mathematics Department, the Aviation Department (those few faculty members who are not out at the airport), and some faculty and staff members from other academic departments. With all these people moving to the new building, space will be freed up in virtually every other building on campus. Our new building will have 14 classrooms, seven computer labs, eight teaching studios, and numerous faculty offices.

The building will be located at 200 South and 800 West. It will sit on the small parking lot near that intersection, just south of the American First Event Center, and on a portion (not all) of the Multipurpose Quad. We will preserve much of the Quad. Parking for the building will be in a new lot across the street to the south and in the stadium parking lot to the west, which is currently underutilized. This will draw some of the parking pressures away from the east end of campus and the surrounding neighborhood streets. We anticipate classes will begin in the building in January 2022.