"Thanks to T-Bird Strong, my future remains intact." - Katherine Hendrix

Posted: October 12, 2022 | Author: Katherine Hendrix | Read Time: 2 minutes

It's been one year since the devastating flooding in Cedar City that affected our fellow T-Birds. With the outpouring of support from alumni, friends, and students in the form of contributions to T-Bird Strong, affected students were able to piece their lives back together. Katherine H. was one of these students. Please read her story below, and thank you to everyone who support the relief effort either through volunteer work or financially.

flooded house

"On August 18th my family’s home was flooded. The flood happened because the coal creek overflow behind our house turned into the main channel. Two one-hundred foot log jams caused our diversion channel behind the house to become the main channel.

Tons of mud and debris covered the property where my parents green grass and well tended landscaping used to be. After three days of around the clock work, giant excavators and skidsteers were finally able to haul off enough mud to expose some concrete. Since then we’ve continued to haul mud and debris away, and after 14 days, with help from 100+ volunteers, our home is finally free of mud, as well as its flooring, appliances, belongings, counters and drywall.

The home itself is still probably months away from being livable, and much remains to be done
on the property. In addition to that, my fathers shop (containing 30 years worth of his accumulated works, tools, and machines) was also filled with a couple feet of mud and water, effectively destroying my dad’s business and main source of income. Among the losses are two uninsured CNC machines.

interior of the flooded house

The losses from this disaster cannot be totaled. It is my deepest sadness and yet gratitude to be receiving so much aid from SUU. Received not only in the form of life changing volunteer work, but also through the Higher Education Emergency Relief and T-Bird Strong Funds, the sole factors enabling me to continue my education right now. Myself and parents are so grateful!

This flood has taken a toll on the community and myself included. I lived with my parents, and worked in my father's shop. My pets, family, and belongings have been displaced, however thanks to these funds, my future remains intact.

All summer I have looked forward to continuing school, and was crushed when I believed I would no longer attend. You have effectively altered my future, and for that I am beyond grateful. Thank you! I look forward to honoring your kindness by demonstrating high academic achievement and excellence in my future career, so that I may one day repay the favor to the next generation.

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity shown to myself and the other flood victims."

- Katherine H.

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