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Health Career Exploration Camp

June 18, 19, & 20, 2018 - EXTENDED CAMP FULL

Extended camp at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine through June 21, 2018.

Dixie State University

St. George, Utah


The Health Career Exploration Camp is three-days of activities designed to help students pursue a future health care career. Middle school students who have completed eighth grade through high school seniors are invited to attend. You will participate in workshops, lectures and panel discussions that will showcase health care careers. Opportunities to interact with health care professionals, learn health care skills, and conduct science experiments will be provided.

Participants will interact with other students from across the state who are also interested in health care. Social activities are planned, and as a participant, you will get to experience college life first-hand as you spend the three-days living and learning at Dixie State University.

To be eligible to apply, students must have completed eighth grade prior to the start of camp. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the earlier you apply the better chance you have of reserving your spot.

Registration for the 2018 camp is now open. To register, you must complete the registration packet and complete the payment.

All payments are NON-Refundable.

NOTE: Both the packet and payment must be received to reserve your spot. 
The extended camp at Rocky Vista University COM has filled for 2018. We encourage your children to still attend the main camp and check back in 2019 for another chance to attend the extended day at Rocky Vista University COM. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the camp, please contact Kasey Shakespear at kaseyshakespear@suu.edu or 435-690-9521.

The Directory of Utah Health Professions Training Program 2017-2018 lists the college, university and technical programs in Utah that offer training in health professions. The Directory also lists pre-requisites classes and contacts at the various schools.

Health Career Day

Health Career Days are held various areas of rural Utah. See the dates and locations for our 2017-2018 programs below:

  • Richfield - January 31, 2018
  • Cedar City - March 7, 2018
  • Vernal - April 11, 2018
Dates and locations are subject to change - please contact Kasey Shakespear at kaseyshakespear@suu.edu for more information.

Information about Health Careers

These are great links to information about many different health professions. To learn what a nurses, doctors, technicians and other health professions are, how much they make, what training they require and more, check out these career guides. Includes interest tests and videos.

  • Step Up Utah Utah information on Financial Aid, Admissions and Higher Education for students and parents.
  • Explore Health Careers is a free, multi-disciplinary, interactive health careers website designed to explain the array of health professions and provide easy access to students seeking information about health careers.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistic's Occupational Outlook Handbook A comprehensive guide to health care careers, schooling and work settings.
  • Career Info Net Videos of many health careers, information on schools and financial aid.
  • Medical Mysteries An interactive online game about infectious disease & health careers.
  • Careers.Utah.gov Utah's Career Connection Deciding what you want to do with your life can be overwhelming. Going to college, enrolling in career and technical training, taking a great job, or starting your own business are all possibilities. Whether you're investigating careers, exploring education and training, or looking for a job, this website has tools and information to help you make informed.
  • UtahFutures.org Utah's Career Information System.
  • H.O.T. Jobs! "A Cool Guide to Health Careers" Information from Texas AHEC
  • Health Administration Degrees and Careers: Information on the top careers in health care management and administration.
  • Degrees in Mental Health: Information on beginning a career in behavioral health care.
  • Addiction Center: Specializing in resources on different drugs, mental illnesses and treatment options specifically for college students and special populations.
  • Rehab Spot: A sister site to Addiction Center that's geared toward individuals getting their life back through love and support. This site focuses on helping individuals struggling with addicion and their concerned loved ones with finding a treatment center that caters to their specific needs.
  • Alcohol Rehab Guide: Provides comprehensive, reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction. This offers support and guidance for those who are struggling, as well as their parents, family members, friends, and community members. The World Health Organization estimated that approximately 3.3 million people die each year from alcohol abuse. The goal of the Alcohol Rehab Guide is to provide helpful information to as many people as possible on alcohol abuse, addiction, and recovery options.
  • Career Opportunities for Nurses: Key information here includes comprehensive studies on the growth of remote healthcare work at global companies and careers for nurses.

  • Family Nurse Practitioner Resources: Learn more about the career of a Nurse Practitioner, including employment curricula and hundreds of in-depth write-ups and reviews on medical employers nationally.


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