43rd Annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Navigating Between Generosity and Rigor

Southern Utah University is proud to welcome you to the 43rd Annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference to be held October 14-16, 2021. Our university serves our region as a public university providing both undergraduate and graduate degree options. We welcome you to join, explore, and learn about Navigating Between Generosity and Rigor in interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship.

The SUU 2021 AIS Conference will be completely virtual.

As a part of this year’s conference theme, we will explore questions such as:

  • How do we be generous toward and encourage generosity from researchers, instructors, and students across disciplinary boundaries?
  • What methodologies can be used to ensure rigor when research is conducted across disciplinary boundaries?
  • How do we address differences in research methodologies/expectations between disciplines and organizational structures?
  • How can we measure interdisciplinary and the rigor of our own interdisciplinary programs to ensure that our programs prepare students to thrive in an increasingly complex world?

Diversity and Inclusion

At the heart of the of the Southern Utah University (SUU) 2021 Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) Conference Planning Committee, is the belief that diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility are integral to fulfilling our mission for the interchange of ideas within a community of scholars, teachers, administrators, and the public regarding interdisciplinary and integration. We respect, value, and celebrate a culture where every person has unique strengths, perspectives, experiences, and intersectional identities that broaden and enrich our understanding of complex problems, issues, or questions. Thus, we are committed to fostering an environment in which members, partners, and the community reflect and embrace these core values.

Land Acknowledgment

SUU wishes to acknowledge and honor the Indigenous communities of this region as original possessors, stewards, and inhabitants of this Too’veep (land), and recognize that the University is situated on the traditional homelands of the Nung’wu (Southern Paiute People).

SUU Land Acknowledgment