Call for Proposals

The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and Southern Utah University invite you to submit proposals for the 43rd annual conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies. This year’s conference will be entirely virtual. Proposals should relate to the conference theme: Interdisciplinary Studies: Navigating Between Generosity and Rigor.

Submit a Proposal

Conference Theme

Proposal submissions should explore the conference theme - >Interdisciplinary Studies: Navigating Between Generosity and Rigor. We invite contributions from all fields that address different aspects of the theme. The program committee has identified presentation formats that will promote audience engagement. You can find more about the presentation formats below

Three strands support the conference theme:

    1. Strand 1: Promoting the interchange of ideas among scholars and students
      • Q1: How can scholars promote interdisciplinary education that is generous and flexible and rigorous—to prepare students for success in our complex world?
      • Q2: How can students become more proactive in ownership and empowerment over their education?
      • Q3: What does balance among generous, flexible, and rigorous look like?
    2. Strand 2: Utilizing intellectual and organizational tools related to interdisciplinary education and research
      • Q1: What structures promote integrative studies, education, and research?
      • Q2: What structures dissuade integrative studies, education, and research?
      • Q3: How can scholars and students work together to balance structural demands within academic environments with freedom to create and explore?
      • Q4: How can becoming interdisciplinary aid in producing knowledge?
    3. Strand 3: Promoting best theories and practices in interdisciplinary learning
      • Q1: What practices do the convergence of theory, research, and methodology reveal?
      • Q2: What questions related to theory, practice, and methodology need to be explored?
      • Q3: Which stakeholders need to be involved in efforts to shape the future of interdisciplinary work?
      • Q4: How can interdisciplinary students promote best theory, practice, and methodology in their studies?

Proposal Submission

To present at the 2021 AIS Virtual Conference, fill out the application. Proposals are due by May 15, 2021. Authors will be notified whether their proposal has been accepted by July 15, 2021

You will need to have the following ready to fill out the application:

      • Names, titles, affiliations, and contact information for all authors
      • Your preferred presentation format (paper presentation, panel or roundtable, workshop, or creative showcase). Details about the different types of presentations can be found below.
      • A title for your submission (20 words or less)
      • A proposal of 200 words or less, explaining what you intend to present and how you will present it
      • Two or three clearly defined outcomes for participants.
      • An abstract of 75 words or less, of how your presentation relates to the conference theme.
      • For workshop proposals only: provide an example of at least one activity you plan to provide to make your workshop interactive and hands-on (150 words or less).
      • For panel or roundtable proposals only: in 150 words or less, address the topics to be covered and list three questions you plan to use to keep the discussion moving.
      • Optional: 2-3 hashtags that conference attendees can use to discuss your presentation on social media

If you have any questions about the proposal submission process, please contact Dr. Crystal Riley Koenig at or Dr. Michael Cena at

AIS 2021 Virtual Conference Presentation Formats

Session Type Description Duration
Paper presentation Presenters should expect to discuss their ideas rather than read their papers. Presentation slides may be used. 60 minutes (45 min presentation, 15 min Q&A)
Panel or Roundtable Panel or roundtable discussions should consist of a moderated conversation in which an invited group, with virtual audience participation, considers a current topic or pressing issue pertaining to interdisciplinary studies. The discussion should be led by a moderator and planned with specific questions in mind. Should not contain presentations. 60 minutes total (45 min panel, 15 min Q&A)
Workshop Workshops should be organized around pertinent topics that provide active and in-depth learning among participants. Virtual attendees will engage an issue, learn a new skill, or take part in a participatory learning activity. This is an interactive forum. 75 or 90 minutes
Creative showcase Creative showcases are open to a variety of formats not covered in the other categories. This includes theatrical, dance, or musical (vocal or instrumental) performances, visual presentations, and PechaKucha presentations. PechaKucha presentations comprise your 20 chosen images, shown for 20 seconds each. Presenters make their polished presentation with visuals guiding the way. A pre-recording of accepted creative showcases will be requested. 5 to 60 minutes