Big Sky Alumni Directors Conference

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Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City is home to the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. As conference guests, you have the opportunity to preview The Greenshow and The Comedy of Errors. The Greenshow takes place on a small stage outside of the Adams Shakespeare Theater with seating on the lovely green. This show is a community favorite, and it features spirited song and dance. The Comedy of Errors is in the Adams Theatre which is nestled into the unique Southern Utah University campus. This particular comedy takes the audience on a hilarious journey with Antipholus and Dromio as they “try to unravel the lunatic events swirling around them”. The Greenshow is free of charge and the play is $22 per ticket.

A scene from The Greenshow, 2013. (Copyright Utah Shakespeare Festival. Photo by Karl Hugh.)

Milt’s Stage Shop

Milt’s Stage Shop is a short 10 minute drive up Cedar Canyon and is tucked away in a beautiful mountain setting. This restaurant provides a rustic log cabin atmosphere while providing the best steak and seafood around.

*Guests have the option of four entrees: Prime Rib, Rib-eye Steak, Shrimp Scampi, Deep Fried Shrimp

Includes: Salad bar, fresh rolls, baked potato, soft drink, tax and tip        

***Alcoholic beverages are available but not included.