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What if you could store Emergency Medical Information, Advance Medical Directives, Wills and Trusts, Powers of Attorney and other important documents all in one location, have online access to them 24/7 from anywhere in the world? Well, you can through LifeCard Plans.

LifeCard Plans provides secure digital storage of key information and documents through an online portal that can be accessed via secure login from anywhere in the world. Through their DigitalVault and a personal information storage and management account, you have a secure online location to store and access essential information such as:

  • Medical history, services, treatment and facilities
  • Physician contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Health care agent
  • Health insurance
  • Medical records
  • Advance medical directives
  • and more!

Even if you have these documents, storing them in a LifeCard Plans cloud will make sure that your family, as well as medical providers, can easily access information they will need to make decisions if you cannot. when decisions need to be made and you are unable when you cannot.

Once you become a member of LifeCard Plans, a whole new world of benefits will open to you that includes major discounts on vision, dental, prescriptions, ID theft protection and more.

Join today and go to a whole new level of managing life's risks while also helping your SUU Alumni Association.

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