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Join the SUU Career Mentoring Network and provide students with advice, experience and direction as they explore career options.

Informational Interview

Students who are considering a specific field of study will conduct an informational interview to learn more about the mentor's job and career. During the interview, the student will ask questions and solicit advice on how best to prepare for a future position in the mentor's current position or industry.

Host a T-Bird

Mentors will be available to students who may be traveling for job or graduate school interviews in the mentor's home area. Hosting a T-Bird could include picking a student up from the airport, helping the student locate his/her hotel, or simply being a resource for a student who is away from home.

Job Shadowing

The mentor would walk through a typical work day with a student. The length of time is up to the mentor and could be a half day, full day or longer. The student would have the opportunity to see firsthand the work environment he/she is interested in and watch occupational skills in practice. The job shadow experience is unpaid and observed only.

Company Tour

This opportunity provides a group of students the ability to visit a mentor's company, learn about a specific company/industry, take a site visit (where available) followed by a question and answer session. Mentors would determine size of group and length of visit.

Guest Speaker

Mentors who might be visiting the southern Utah area are invited to share career experiences with students in various settings which could include classroom presentations or career days. Mentors would speak and present on what they deem valuable to students.

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