Alumni and Community Relations


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the SUU Mentoring Network?
Our purpose is to connect alumni and friends with current students to provide guidance during the career exploration process.

What mentoring activities can I choose from?

  • Informational Interviews
  • Hosting a T-Bird
  • Job Shadowing
  • Company Tours
  • Guest Speaking
Learn more about each activity.

How much time is required?
That is completely up to each mentor and the activities chosen. One phone call or email chat with a student can take as little as 15 minutes a month.

How does it work?
A mentor registers with the SUU Mentoring Network by creating a profile. Once the profile reaches the database, an email will be sent inviting the mentor to review his/her profile and make any desired adjustments, as well as select what information will be made available to students. From there, students will be free to view profiles, select a mentor and then make contact with a mentor.

In completing the profile each mentor will identify the number of "profile views" permitted each month by a student. Please keep in mind that students will want to view a mentor's profile without ever making contact. We suggest allowing 3-5 "profile views" each month to accommodate students who want to explore mentor profiles.

Once a student makes contact with a mentor, it is recommended that the mentor establishes with the student the frequency (or infrequency) of their visits.

How will students contact me?
Students will contact you via email, phone or through personal visits. It all depends on the mentoring activities you choose and your preferred method of contact.

In some cases, staff from SUU's Career Center or the Alumni Relations Office will contact you to make the appropriate arrangements.

Will students expect a job or internship at my company or organization?
No. Students are advised that the SUU Mentoring Network is a means of learning more about a specific position or industry and should not be used to solicit employment or internship opportunities.

What can I expect to gain from becoming a mentor?

  • Satisfaction in knowing you helped a student select a career path
  • Seeing students reach their potential through one-on-one connections
  • Chance to help students connect their classroom education to the real-world of work
  • Opportunity to give feedback to students
  • A sense of pride in knowing you are advancing SUU and giving back to the institution

What do I do next?
Get registered!