artsFUSION Outreach

Fuse the arts into your school's curriculum through free professional development workshops. artsFUSION outreach provides arts education for elementary teachers and students in rural schools. Select an artist to come to your school for an an inservice opportunity for your teachers or a learning activity for your students.

For information on scheduling an artist, contact Alisa Petersen at 435.865.8529 or artsFUSION outreach is made possible by the generous support of the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program.


  • We will offer professional development in the fine arts in rural elementary schools that will incorporate the State Core Arts Guidelines.
  • We will increase the teachers' knowledge and skills in the fine arts that will translate into more quality classroom arts instruction for students.
  • We will develop lesson plans that teachers will be able to use on all grade levels that integrate literacy, science, math, and social studies.
  • We will provide small, on-site workshops at each school that will facilitate accessibility and comfort with subject matter. In-service sessions will be hands-on to increase skills and abilities, thus building confidence to increase the level of comfort.

Intended Impact on Students

  • Increase quality of skills in music, dance, theater, and visual arts.
  • Improve creativity in arts instruction.
  • Increase amount of time spent in music, dance, theater, and visual arts.
  • Improve learning of other subjects through arts experiences.
  • Build confidence in individual abilities.
  • Reach students in rural areas through professional development in the areas of music, dance, theater, and visual arts where access to the arts may be limited.

Outreach Artist Roster

Michael Bahr

Michael Bahr

The Play's the Thing: Learning through Performance!

Michael Bahr will explore methods of teaching, developing, and implementing the use of Shakespeare, theatre, and creative dramatics as instructional tools in the classroom. This interactive workshop will provide participants with exercises that can be instantly implemented into various subjects. He will include a fresh look at language, acting, costuming, technical theatre, and adapting scripts. Topics include text, instructional games, resource development, and how to mount a play with limited time and resources.

Michael Bahr serves as the education director of the Utah Shakespearean Festival. He has taught high school in Utah and California and presently teaches the theatre methods courses for Southern Utah University. Michael has created numerous educational programs and directs the Shakespeare-in-the-Schools program, which tours full-length Shakespeare productions to Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Idaho. Over 40,000 students annually see the Festival's production of such plays as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Michael has directed over 80 productions but particularly enjoys sharing theatre tools and techniques that can be used to teach across the curriculum.

Sue Cotter

Sue Cotter

This two hour teachers' workshop will teach a simple but versatile creative book structure based on a Native American parfleche (medicine pouch). This project uses inexpensive, readily available materials. It can be adapted to different skill levels and used in cross-curriculum activities. In addition to creating a finished parfleche, workshop participants will gain basic skills applicable to all book arts. There will also be an element of conceptual challenge. There will be a discussion on the creative process and a time to share ideas.

Sue Cotter is a mixed media artist, letterpress printer and artist book maker. She began her art career as a painter but also loved to write. She found the perfect marriage of these two passions in the artist book genre. After earning her art degree she went on to study the historic techniques of letterpress printing and book making at the University of Nevada, Reno, 1988-90. She now lives in Parowan, Utah where she has her own letterpress printing studio and continues to explore the limitless possibilities of the creative, artist book form.

Karen Gale

Karen Gale

Color! Color! Color!

Children's Favorites: People, Houses and Trees

Still Life

Abstract: What Does It Mean?

Mediums - Crayons, markers, pastels, watercolor pencils, tempera paint

Integration - Classroom teachers participate in hands-on art projects that integrate language, math, science, social studies, and art. Students learn skills and concepts through art. Teachers and students will use art to engage higher level thinking in the integrated art activities.

Karen Gale, Director of Education for the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, has extensive experience integrating curriculum across the core. After 16 years in the elementary classroom she shifted gears and began her career as an artist. She is currently continuing her art education, painting on a regular basis, and directing educational activities at the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery on the Southern Utah University campus.

Karen's primary medium is oil painting, although she uses photography extensively and enjoys pottery as well. Karen has shown in the 2008 Cedar City Arts Council National Juried Show. Three of her pieces were selected for the 2007 Curriculum Show at SUU in conjunction with the national accreditation process for the College of Performing and Visual Arts.

Miranda Giles

Miranda Giles

This workshop is always 'on your feet,' infusing students with excitement for the theatrical experience. Vocal, physical, and written exercises empower students to make connections across curricular boarders, and into their own lives. If there is a particular subject that you would like assistance in making more accessible and exciting for your students Miranda is always open to sharing ideas.

Special workshop topics include: (Adaptable for grades and teachers unless otherwise noted) Greek Mythology (3-12), Romeo and Juliet (3-12), Twelfth Night (3-12), Shakespeare's World (Bardology), Shakespeare's Language, Poetry in Motion, Adaptation: from Page to Stage

Miranda Giles, Education Coordinator and Teaching Artist with the Utah Shakespearean Festival, has taught in-class workshops in schools across Utah and beyond. Miranda received her BA in Theatre Studies from BYU in 2007 and has trained with the Lincoln Center Institute.

Dixon Leavitt

Dixon Leavitt

In this workshop Mr. Leavitt gives children what he considers the "Power Tools" of drawing. He teaches his P. A. L. system (Place, Angle, Length) along with "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" techniques to help children truly see what is in front of them. With these "Power Tools" children can realistically draw anything they can see. All that is needed is pencil on computer paper (simple, no mess)--along with a magnet drawing game that involves the whole class. Mr. Leavitt modifies the lesson for each grade level, K through 6.

Dixon Leavitt believes that art, at its best, transcends our daily existence, filling us with light. Dixon graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southern Utah University. His work has won numerous awards including: The Gloria Howard Memorial Award at the Freedom Festival Art Exhibition held in the BYU Museum of Art and an Honorable Mention at the Springville Museum of Art Religious Show. Dixon illustrated the children's book, Eliza's Field of Faith, by Rachelle Pace Castor, and also has artwork published in An Angel to Watch over Me, by Sally DeFord, and in My Dear Sisters, by Gordon B. Hinckley. Dixon has a passion for teaching art to others. He has taught many private lessons to kids and adults and has worded as an artist in residence at an elementary school. alike. Dixon grew up in Cedar City, Utah and currently lives there with his wife and children. For more information about Dixon and his work visit:

Paul Ocampo and Chien-YingWang dancing

Paul Ocampo and Chien-Ying Wang

The workshop materials for teachers will focus on utilizing dance technique to enhance the teaching of Utah State Core Curriculum from 3rd through 6th graders; and hopefully to develop and unleash the talents of our future artists. They believe that the combination of the body, mind, heart and soul makes a good recipe for a holistic expression of dance.

Chien-Ying Wang and Paul Ocampo have been successful in their partnership of sharing the wonderful art form of dance to many people of different ages, situation, and location. Their performances, workshops, and creative works are often integrated with multi-disciplinary sense stimuli. With a rich Taiwan and Philippine cultural heritage, they blend East and West dance forms to create a hybrid of art.

Barbara Prestwich

Barbara Prestwich

Shades of Fun

Elementary students love to know how to create realistic drawings. They especially enjoy drawing people with accuracy and students are surprised and amazed at how accomplished their artwork becomes through the information from this workshop. The workshop has these components:

Short introduction to different styles of artworks - realistic, abstract, and non-objective

Basic information for realistic drawing - strategies that promote accuracy

Using shading (modeling) for realistic three dimensional effects - shadows

Drawing people with accuracy

An emphasis upon learning to "see" the way an artist sees

Student progress is immediate and exciting. Everyone can have success and fun in their artwork!

Barbara Prestwich received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, with minors in Art and Theatre Arts, and Secondary Education Certification from the College of Southern Utah. She received a Master of Arts Degree from Brigham Young University. She has taught students at various elementary grade levels, junior high art, middle school language arts, and high school visual art. She has served as the Iron County District Arts Chair and presently serves as the Iron County District Arts Coordinator. Ms. Prestwich founded "Art Day on Cedar Mountain," an annual high school art competition for students in southwest Utah. She has served as Education Board Member for the Cedar City Arts Council and produced two Cedar City Children's Arts Festivals in that position. She has served as a board member of the Utah Art Education Association and also serving as board member, and for several years as chair of the Cedar City Art Committee. Ms. Prestwich has received the Art Educator Award from the Utah Art Education Association. The McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University and the Springville Art Museum honored her as Art Educator of the Year in 2005. She paints as a professional artist and has exhibited with the Southern Utah Watercolor Society, The Cedar Art Committee's annual exhibition, the Springville Art Museum, and the Braithwaite Gallery. She received a Watercolor Landscape Award at the 2006 Sears Art Exhibition at Dixie State College.

Ann Salviazul

Ann Salviazul

Where Art Meets Literature, Math or Science

Ann uses designs on graph paper, scribble drawing and watercolor techniques to introduce concepts in math, science or literature. Watercolors, colored pencils or simply crayons and paper are all that's needed. She will easily adapt to any grade level.

Ann Salviazul's close ties to the Braithwaite Gallery, her long association with the Cedar City Art Committee, and her work owning and managing Blue Sage Gallery have allowed her to collaborate with many regional artists. Painting in watercolors and drawing in pencil and charcoal, she has shown her work across Utah and Nevada for over twenty years. Ann has facilitated shows at her gallery for emerging artists and taught children, teens, and adults in skills and appreciation workshops.

Deborah Snider

Deborah Snider

Jump-Start Your Creativity!

We will jump into brainstorming to solve word games, random shape drawings, and visual puzzles. Then, we'll look at how creative problem solving and Aha! moments can inform our choices, and how each of us can have a "right" answer while everyone's work looks different. We will work with pencils, crayons or colored pencils, and our limitless imaginations! Deb will work with teachers and students in grades 4 though 6.

Deborah Snider holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts. She has directed three community art centers, taught art at all age levels, and administered many programs in higher education. She is a visual artist in drawing, collage, mixed-media, and fabric collage whose work has been shown world-wide.

Lynn Vartan

Lynn Vartan

Drumming for Everyone

This workshop will train teachers in basic hand drumming technique that can be applied to many different cultures of drumming. Basic types of sounds include open tone, muted tone and slap/accent tone and their various applications. Once basic tones are learned, the workshop will proceed to application of these patterns in basic songs and rhythm exercises. Finally, some basic rhythm reading concepts will be presented with materials and methods for teaching those to students. Teachers will leave the workshop with the ability to play and pass along both these drumming techniques and songs to their students for activities that can be expanded on throughout the year!

Percussionist Lynn Vartan is an international performer and educator who is an advocate for diversity in music. Lynn is known for her dynamic athleticism and exciting energy on stage. Lynn has performed as a recital soloist, a concerto soloist, a recording artist, and was twice Grammy nominated on the Cambria label with Southwest Chamber Music in the "Best Classical Album of the Year" and "Best Small Ensemble with or without a conductor" for The Complete Chamber Music of Charlos Chavez, Volume III. She received her Master's and Doctorate degrees with special honors and recognition from the University of Southern California. Lynn is currently the Director of Percussion at Southern Utah University.

Mindy Young

Mindy Young

From Page to Stage

For Teachers: How to produce inexpensive plays based on Children's Literature.

For Students: Pick a book and have Ms. Young create a presentation for other students and parents!

Triple Threat

For Students: Give students a chance to sing, dance and act! Let's prepare a musical theater number to perform!

Shakes it up Baby!

For Teachers: How to teach Shakespeare to your students and make it FUN!

For Students: Using Shakespearean text for Creative Drama

There's No Business like $how Business

For Teachers: How to produce a Big $how for a little dough.

Process Drama

For Students: Students will visit an improvised world where the leader in character takes students through a dramatic event. Applicable with social studies, language arts, or science core curriculum.

Mindy Young is a sought after teacher, actor director and choreographer. Mindy holds both a Master of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. Mindy has taught at Utah Valley University and Meridian School, directed and choreographed at SUU, The Children's Theater of Salt Lake, Provo Theater Company, and SCERA Center for the Arts. Mindy can offer teaching ideas and expertise for presenting plays on based on Children's Literature, Musical Theater, Shakespeare and Producing on a Budget.

Mona Woolsey

Mona Woolsey

Using simple hand made books to integrate the core curriculum is the focus of this workshop. The workshop projects include simple bookmaking activities to extend the teaching of literacy, math, science, and social studies through visual arts. These projects are excellent for elementary school students. They may be adapted for other ages and grades. The activities use ordinary school supplies, such as drawing paper, glue sticks, scissors, scrap papers, string, ribbon or twine, and some light weight tag board or scrap cardboard. A part of the workshop features how to use the elements of art to teach cooperation, problem solving and how to think through a project. The focus is to have students achieve success where they might not in regular classroom activities.

Mona Woolsey has worked with artists in residence for many years. She has coordinated and planned art workshops for North Elementary and Iron County School District. Mona has presented art workshops at Art in the Utah Sun, Rural Schools, Core Academy, artsFUSION and Arts Networking. Recently she was selected as an Arts Specialist for North Elementary and Escalante Valley Schools. Ms. Woolsey has a Master of Education degree and has an Arts Endorsement through the State of Utah.

artsFUSION is made possible by the generous support of the Sorenson Legacy Foundation