Getting Involved the SUU Aviation Club

As fellow students, we understand the need to build a strong network of peers that engage and motivate each other. The Aviation Club accomplishes this by hosting social events and study sessions, as well as providing a forum for students and faculty to both help and get help navigating the complex path toward a degree in aviation. You can follow all of our upcoming activities, ask questions, or share your experiences by finding and joining the Aviation Club at SUU on T-bird Connection, by joining our group on Facebook, and by following our Instagram.

Help Support the Future of Aviation

This is where it all begins. Join the club to take advantage of organized study and social events that will help you stay on track for success in both your education and aviation related goals.

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Becoming a full member is the best way to get involved and save money. We are excited to offer equipment discounts and scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost of an aviation degree.

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Help Support the Future of Aviation

Donations to the club will be organized and dispersed to most effectively support the largest number of students possible. Building a strong team will be our focus and utilization will change based on current needs. Contact us for more information on this fund and its benefits. Thank you for your consideration!

Club Donation

Donations to the Aviation Scholarship Fund help provide much needed aid to deserving students and will be dispersed with help from the aviation department and an elected club member. Scholarships directly impact students by paying a portion of their tuition. As always, please contact us with any questions regarding this topic.

Scholarship Donation

The Aviation Store

We have taken the guesswork out of equipment acquisition by developing SUU specific packages that work. Full members have access to these packages at an average 30% off. All orders are compiled and processed at the beginning of the semester with two-day shipping to ensure minimal impact on schedules. For more information and to submit a request, click the link below.


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