Student Pilot Certificate

The Student Pilot Certificate is issued to a pilot-in-training. You must get this before you solo; your instructor can assist you in getting this. It is a simple application and approval process. See detailed instructions below if you want to get this prior to attending here.

FAA Form 8710-1, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application, (Student Pilot Certificate) is a document you will need in order to flight train; this is completely separate from the medical certificate you will also need.

  • Register on IACRA (Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application). Click “Register” on the right-hand side near the top.
  • Check “Applicant” only and at the bottom of this screen click “Agree to TOS and Continue.”
  • DO NOT enter anything into the “Airman Certificate Number” or “Date of Issuance” fields. Leave these blank.
  • Complete all other required fields. Make sure all the dates are formatted correctly (MM/DD/YYYY). You must provide your full legal name. The photo ID* you show later MUST match the application.
  • Click “Register” at the bottom of this screen.
  • The next screen should be a confirmation screen with a FTN #. You MUST remember this because it will be needed later for the Recommending Instructor to review your application and submit it to the FAA.
  • Currently, you must go to your local FSDO office to have your application approved by a “Recommending Instructor."
    OR, you can find a Designated Pilot Examiner.
    OR, you can come to our local hangar and have our own designated Recommending Instructor do so. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment (435-865-8600). Bring your photo ID and your FTN #.

Note: It can take three weeks or more to process once approved. The better you ensure all your info is correct before submitting, the faster the application can be processed. Any error will delay the process of your certificate.

*Acceptable Methods of Identification: Such identification must include an official photograph of the applicant, the applicant’s signature, and the applicant’s residential address, if different from the mailing address. This information may be presented in more than one form of identification. An inspector or examiner should not accept a post office box, rural route, flight school address, personal mail box (PMB), a business or other commercial address, or other mail drop address on an airman certificate application from an applicant, as the applicants mailing address, unless the applicant also provides their physical residential address. If a physical residential address does not exist, the applicant must provide the geographic location of his or her residence on a separate piece of paper and attest by signature. This can be in the form of a map or written directions to the applicant’s physical residential address. If the applicant resides in an RV, the tag number, VIN, and registration number must be provided. The inspector or examiner attaches these papers to the form.

Acceptable methods of identification include, but are not limited to: unexpired U.S. driver’s licenses, government issued identification cards, passports, and other forms of identification that enables the inspector to verify the applicant’s identity. The identification method used must be current and valid.