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16 Graduation Cap Ideas

Posted: May 17, 2016 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 1 minutes

2016-06-grad-cap-designs.jpgOur students got creative with graduation cap decorations last year and we want to show it off! Here are the 16 best/most creative types of caps from Southern Utah University's 2016 graduation.

1. Finally, it's nap time

2016-06-naptime-grad-cap-13.jpgYou worked hard to earn your degree and you deserve a nice long nap.

2. Make some major decorations

2016-06-accounting-grad-cap-9.jpg2016-06-teacher-grad-cap-11.jpg2016-06-teacher-grad-cap-1.jpgThose who truly love their major want to show it off on their caps.

3. Merge your passions

2016-06-tangled-dinosaur-grad-cap-2.jpgTangled with a splash of Jurassic Park.

4. Intelligence is hot

2016-06-hotter-by-one-degree-grad-cap.jpgYou were cute before and a college degree makes anyone more attractive.

5. Remember your roots

2016-06-texas-flag-grad-cap-5.jpg6. You wish you went to Hogwarts

2016-06-harry-potter-hogwarts-grad-cap-15.jpg2016-06-mischief-managed-grad-cap10.jpgHere are two different ways you can show off your love for Harry Potter.

7. The college experience is more than just education

2016-06-wined-a-lot-grad-cap.jpg8. Mary Poppins will always be there to guide you



9. Who tells your story?

2016-06-hamilton-grad-cap.jpgPaying homage to Hamilton: An American Musical

10. It's both an end and a beginning

2016-06-end-beginning-grad-cap.jpg11. Say something with your sorority/fraternity


12. The next Elle Woods

2016-06-elle-woods-law-school-grad-cap.jpgPerfect if your next stop is law school.

13. Draw yourself a beautiful life

2016-06-draw-life-grad-cap.jpgIf your major is art, we expect great things on your cap.

14. The best is yet to come


15. Be proud of your B.S.

2016-06-finally-done-bs-grad-cap.jpgWe're proud of your Bachelor of Science too.

16. Next stop...

2016-06-next-stop-grad-cap.jpgFrom SUU you can go anywhere and everywhere.

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