The Importance of General Education in College

Posted: May 14, 2019 | Author: Parker Nelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students listening to professor and taking notes in classWhy is general education in college important? It may seem as though students would rather dive right into their major. But there are a few things to be considered when debating the merits of general education classes.

At Southern Utah University, general education classes are a requirement for all degrees. To make general education classes more enjoyable for students, SUU has created Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) that form the core of general education classes. According to the General Education course catalog, general education classes, “broaden a student’s knowledge and understanding of the arts, humanities, and the sciences.”

These are only some of the requirements; what students gain from general education classes is a love for learning and a base of knowledge they can take into life after schooling.

Zaylie Collins, a graphic design major, says about the general education program at SUU, “I like that students have the chance to explore subjects not related to their major. Some of those classes are really fun.”

As an example, an English class teaches critical thinking skills that are used in many aspects of life. Being able to write papers and to cohesively construct thoughts will be used in many different areas of life. Like an English class, a math class has benefits as well. Such as learning problem-solving skills.

General education courses also enhance communication skills. By taking general education classes, students are encouraged to complete projects and assignments through class discussions that nurture good communication skills in environments that are encouraging. Communication skills are crucial not only in education but in the workplace as well.

For those who are unsure of a major, general education classes can help narrow down that search. Addi Mikkelson, a freshman at SUU, said, “The general education classes I have taken helped me really enjoy school and learning. They helped guide me in choosing my major.”

A complete list of SUU’s general education requirements can be found in the course catalog.

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