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Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

Southern Utah University has several diversity resources available on campus. These services are growing and always available for all students.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

The CDI is a friendly, approachable space on campus. Their knowledgeable staff is aware of and can direct students to the many resources SUU has available for students. The CDI also has diversity specific resources for students such as multicultural scholarships and Allyship Resource Guides.

“Everything in the CDI is a resource from the computers to the club offices,” said Malaysia Phang, Black Student Union president. “It’s a place where I can do everything from study to hold dance practices for the Step Show. I am truly grateful to have the CDI at SUU.”

The CDI has several desks, chairs, computers and work stations that students can use to study either individually, or in groups. The “Tank” is a separate space meant to create a quiet study environment. There is also a lounge space with couches and a TV, and different office spaces for club use.

The CDI hosts several exciting events throughout the year, open to all of campus. Some favorite events include the CDI Opening Social, the Black Student Union Step Show, Latinx Student Alliance Danza, Pride and Equality’s Drag Brunch, Miss Native American SUU, and the Polynesian Showcase, among many others.

“The CDI is a place of inclusion; it says it in the name,” said Stacy Soto, Latinx Club president. “I would advise students to take advantage of all the resources. The CDI never gives up, and I believe that’s why the CDI is so spectacular.”

To make an appointment with a CDI staff member call 435-865-8761 or email diversity@suu.edu.

Student Diversity Clubs

SUU currently has eight student diversity clubs. Each club has a space in the CDI and is advised by a CDI staff member.

The African Union Club, led by Nouman Kante, is the African cultural hub on campus. Club members enjoy learning about the African continent and actively engaging with the CDI. 

In 2018, SUU’s Asian American Student Alliance was resurrected by the CDI and a group of Asian American students who wanted to see it come back. Today, the club is led by Sabrinah Cava. Learn more about the Asian American Student Alliance.

Students using the Center for Diversity and InclusionThe Black Student Union, led by Malaysia Phang, loves to serve the community, host several events during Black History Month, and perform in the annual Step Show. Learn more about the Black Student Union

The Latinx Student Alliance, led by Stacy Soto, actively engages in its three pillars: service, academics, and social events. Learn more about the Latinx Student Alliance.

Morgan Whiskers leads the Native American Student Association to represent and include all tribes. The club hosts a variety of events such as Miss Native American SUU and the annual Pow-Wow. Learn more about the Native American Student Association.

Aioise Talamoni has led the Polynesian Club for two years and has helped it grow. The club emphasizes higher education and cultural representation. Each year, the club hosts the Polynesian Showcase, an SUU staple. Learn more about the Polynesian Club.

The Pride and Equality Club is all about acceptance, education, and self-expression. As president, Malachi Morehouse has worked to create a safe, welcoming environment for students. Learn more about the Pride and Equality Club

The UndocuMigrant Alliance was created in 2019 by Nestor Zapata. The club provides not only a safe space for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students but also several different workshops, and resources for students to find scholarships. Learn more about the Undocu Migrant Alliance.

Advocates on Campus for Diversity

Newly hired CDI coordinator Donielle Savoie As the CDI director, Maria Martinez oversees the inner-workings of the CDI. She works hard to make resources available for students, as well as grow the enrollment and retention rates of underrepresented populations to help increase overall diversity at SUU. 

The CDI Beacons are the official ambassador team for the CDI. This group of four provide leadership through peer mentoring and advocate for the academic success and growth of underrepresented populations.

Allies at SUU work to create safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ individuals on campus. Their directory includes students, staff, and faculty members at SUU. They also host several events and trainings throughout the school year.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion leads and supports university-wide initiatives focused on the recruitment of a diverse faculty, staff, and student body while fostering an inclusive and equitable university community.

Dr. Schvalla Rivera is the assistant to the president for diversity and inclusion, and SUU’s first Chief Diversity Officer. Dr. Rivera works in the Office of Equity and Inclusion and provides expert advice for diversity and inclusion in regard to governance, administrative policies, and federal and state regulations. Learn more about Dr. Rivera.

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