SUU's Mental Health Support Peers Are Here to Help

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Mental Health Support PeersLike many of us, you might be feeling isolated, overwhelmed, fearful, or just not quite like yourself during these uncertain times. Everyone reacts differently during stressful times, and if you are looking for someone to talk to, Southern Utah University’s Mental Health Support Peers are here for you.

“I know many of us are feeling waves of emotion,” said Riley Reynolds, health and wellness coordinator at SUU. “One of the greatest and most powerful tools we all have during these times of uncertainty is each other. During this time we are going to need to rely on each other for support more than ever. We will connect in different ways, but the connection we make will be deep and meaningful.”

SUU’s Mental Health Support Peers are seniors majoring in psychology and working under the leadership of the clinical staff at SUU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). They are skilled, tool trained, and here to support students experiencing mental health challenges.

Meet SUU’s Mental Health Support Peers:

  • Mia Broadhead
    • Mia is a senior pursuing a degree in psychology at SUU and is planning to continue her education in an occupational therapy graduate program after she graduates in April. She would love to support students or answer any questions about applying for graduate school as well as applying for other things like jobs, scholarships, etc.

      Mia is extremely interested in all things relating to being active, being outdoors, and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She loves being awkward and goofy with her friends and family, but more importantly loves talking to new people and making new friends.

  • Kamron Campbell
    • Kamron has received extensive training and certification in Mental Health First Aid, Safe Zone Training, LGBTQIA+ alliance, and cultural awareness training. Kamron is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.
      Kamron enjoys playing board and card games, and hanging out with friends, whatever the activity may be. He loves to sing, play, and write music when he finds the time. As a student, Kamron believes strongly in academic excellence, campus involvement, and diversity in its many forms.

      In his role as a Mental Health Support Peer, Kamron hopes to work alongside and collaborate with students of any background, for whatever needs they may have. From this experience, Kamron hopes to begin his career in academic advising and guidance counseling, and eventually seeks to become a teacher and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

  • Andrea Gaona
    • Andrea is a senior psychology major with an emphasis in human services as well as minors in criminal justice and family services. Andrea has experience working with victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault as well as working with children who are on the autism spectrum. She has done a lot of training such as UCASA (Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault), Suicide Prevention, Mental Health First Aid, and LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Training.

      Andrea hopes to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her interests are substance use, intimate partner violence, mental health, and diversity. As a mental health support peer, Andrea hopes to collaborate with students at SUU in their endeavors and support them with the struggles they may be facing. She loves to meet people and support others in what they are doing. She loves to read all sorts of books, watch all sorts of shows, and listen to music.

  • Karina Nay
    • Karina is a senior at SUU, double majoring in psychology and family life & human development. She is interested in pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology after she graduates from SUU. Karina also works on the Stabilization and Mobile Response Team at Southwest Behavioral Health Center responding to folks experiencing mental health crises.

      Karina has a background working in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and would love to work alongside students interested in practicing self-regulation skills or working on setting effective boundaries with the people in their lives. Karina also loves listening to podcasts and watching The Bachelor.

  • Tyler Tatton
    • Tyler is a psychology major and family services minor in his third year at SUU. He has experience working in support groups and individual mentoring settings. He is certified in Mental Health First Aid and suicide prevention. Tyler has also received some training in biofeedback and navigating distress. He is interested in emotion regulation as well as in relationship building and conflict resolution.

      Tyler is a member of the Animal Ambassadors, Psi Chi, Camp Kesem, and Family Life and Human Development Clubs. In his free time Tyler loves to do things outdoors like hiking, swimming, and boating. Tyler is also a huge nerd and can relate to fans from most fandoms. He is particularly well versed in Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel.

SUU’s Mental Health Support Workers also refer students to campus and community wellness resources, lead and deliver outreach education on student mental wellness, and work in collaboration with the SUU ACES Team, the Care and Support Team and the Wellness Center to provide students with wraparound and intersected opportunities for success and belonging at SUU.

“CAPS, Mental Health Support Peers, and The Health and Wellness Center are here for you,” said Reynolds. “There is not a day that goes by that we are not thinking about ways to support you. Your mental health is important to us, and we can get through this together. Stay connected, stay active, and stay healthy!”

Mental Health Support Peers are typically located in the Health and Wellness Center (ST 175), however, they are currently available by text, call, or video. Students looking to chat with a Mental Health Support Peer should contact the peer directly via their contact information on the website or through Riley Reynolds at or (435) 865-8435.

CAPS recognizes how challenging these times are for everyone. To help students navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPS created a COVID-19 Survival Guide to answer questions and serve as a reference guide for all coping with the crisis including accessing resources and support related to student’s physical and emotional needs.

Learn more about Counseling & Psychological Services at SUU or contact the office at 435-865-8621 or

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