Degree Boosts

Degree Boosts

Augmenting degrees with a practical skill set broadens the spectrum of jobs available to recent graduates and gives them the potential to earn a higher starting salary.

Build a Direct Path to Your Future Career

Available for any degree-seeking student to earn, the Southern Utah University Degree Boost supplements any degree with additional marketable skills with a focus on skills to help graduates secure potential jobs in relevant fields.

Earn More Job Opportunities & More Money

Step 1: Meet Your Advisor

With strategic planning at the beginning of your degree, a boost could be fulfilled with no additional costs or credits. 

Step 2: Gain Marketable Skills

Each boost requires four courses for a total of twelve credits. Throughout the process you will gain complementary skills, outside of the core skills of your degree, employers are looking for. You can earn multiple boosts.

Step 3: Promote Your Strengths

Earning a Degree Boost strengthens your resume, giving you an advantage when applying for a new position. Institutional Certificates can be listed on a digital resume, official transcripts, and professional sites.

For questions, please contact Johnny MacLean, at

Currently Available Degree Boosts

Degree Boosts may not be active/available after Summer 2020.

Social Media

Department of Communication
Jonathan Holiman |
  • COMM 1030 Introduction to Social Media
  • COMM 2030 Social Media Branding
  • COMM 3030 Social Media Strategies
  • COMM 4030 Social Media Management

Technical Writing

Department of English
John Belk |
  • CSIS 1010 Electronic Commerce and the Global Society
  • COMM 3070 Communication Graphics
  • COMM 4240 Technical Writing
  • PHIL 1250 Reasoning and Rational Decision Making


Department of Management, Marketing, & Hospitality
Tyler Stillman |
  • MKTG 3010 Marketing Principles
  • MGMT 3210 Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 2220 Small Business Management
  • MGMT 4900 Special Topics

Event Planning

Department of Management, Marketing, & Hospitality
Howard Hu |
  • HRHM 3000 Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • HRHM 4110 Meetings & Convention Management
  • HRHM 4700-01 Event Planning
  • HRHM 4700-02 Event Management Internship

Global Engagement

Office of Learning Abroad
Kurt Harris |
  • Two of the following courses:
    • GEOG 1300 World Regional Geography
    • POLS 2100 Introduction to International Relations
    • POLS 4300 Special Topics in World Affairs
    • SOC 3370 Gender and Society in Global Perspectives
    • SOC 4500 Global Issues in Sociology
  • and One course in a foreign language
  • and a semester study abroad


Department of Management, Marketing, & Hospitality
Michael Kroff |
  • MKTG 3010 Marketing Principles
  • COMM 2300 Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations
  • MKTG 4200 Digital Marketing
  • MKTG 3030 Buyer Behavior

Sports Administration

Athletics Department
Hayden Coombs |
  • COMM 2507 Sports Reporting & Writing
  • COMM 4507 Sports Management & Administration
  • HIST 3200 History of Sports in America
  • SOC 3270 Sociology of Sports