Department of Economics & Finance

Finance Career Opportunities

Areas Employers Strategies
- Real Estate
- Corporate Financial Management
- Banking
- Risk Management and Insurance
- Marketing
- Securities
- Personal Financial Planning
- Banks/other financial institutions
- Financial planning agencies
- Insurance companies
- Real Estate brokers or agencies
- Government agencies
- Corporations
- Private practice
- Gain good mathematical skills
- Develop good interpersonal and communication skills
- Get sales experience
- Take some accounting
- Plan on MBA for best positions

The U.S. Department of Labor maintains a web site with a wealth of information on occupations of all kinds. The following links are for areas of Finance:
- Financial Managers
- Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

Levi Larson "We have always had a lot of success recruiting financial professionals from SUU. We find the quality and work ethic of our advisors that come from SUU are second to none in the marketplace today. We currently have 5 SUU graduates in our Cedar City office; most of whom are business majors. SUU has one of the top business departments in the state. I was recruited from SUU 5 years ago. I trust in the recruits that come from SUU because I saw the quality of education I received in the accounting department while attending. We plan to continue recruiting from SUU. Thanks for all you guys do."

- Levi Larson, LUTCF, Financial Planner, The Cambridge Financial Center