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Master of Accountancy (MAcc)*
The School of Business has offered a Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) degree for over 18 years. The MAcc was established to satisfy Utah’s requirement of 150 hours to take the Certified Public Accounting exam.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)* (Cedar City or St. George programs)
The SUU MBA program produces capable business leaders who are prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to make high quality business decisions in either an entrepreneurial or staff capacity.

* Accredited by AACSB

Applying for a Graduate Tuition Waiver

Name: Burke Bess
Degree: MAcc
Graduation Date: December 2011
Hometown: Ivins, Utah

Burke Bess"I have loved my time here at SUU. The accounting program is amazing. Coming to SUU, I had no idea all of the opportunities that would be given to me.

Some of my greatest experiences at SUU have been with the Professional Accountancy Club (PAC). Through my experiences with PAC I gained valuable skills that were essential when it came time to find a job.

SUU has strong relationships with some of the largest firms in the world, and other prominent regional and local firms. As I networked with firms, I was able to find the right fit for me and my family. I received a job offer with Tanner LLC months before graduation. I never would have had the skills and opportunity to land such a great job if it was not for SUU's Professional Accountancy Club. I will never regret my decision to choose SUU to study accounting."