Department of Management, Marketing & Hospitality

Mission Statements for Management & Marketing


The mission of the management program is to direct its teaching, research and service activities toward developing and enhancing the ability of students and practitioners to identify, assemble, and coordinate the skills and resources needed to create economic wealth within ethical and societal boundaries.

The primary commitment of the faculty is to provide a nationally accredited, high-quality undergraduate experience to our students. Excellent undergraduate teaching is our top priority. In supporting the mission of Southern Utah University and the School of Business, the program contributes expertise in leadership development, ethics, business, government and society, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship and small business administration, strategic management, human resource administration, and international management. Although primarily aimed at the private sector, program activities overlap into nonprofit and governmental sectors.

Quality intellectual contributions are also an important part of our mission. These include the dissemination of the results of management and pedagogical research, and the use of relevant instructional materials including textbooks and case studies.

Service to the program, the University, the management profession, and society in general is a critical aspect of our mission. Service is provided through participation in School of Business and university committees, attendance at professional meetings and seminars, advising student organizations, and consulting activities.

Brock Barney Name: Brock Barney
Degree: Management
Graduation Date: May 2012
Hometown: Layton, Utah

"Through the Business Management program at SUU I have learned how to best work with people. I have learned to make a difference in whatever organization I end up in. I have learned how to make an impact in the world. I love the smaller class sizes at SUU. I feel like my teachers actually are about my success."


The mission of the marketing program is to develop and deliver quality marketing programs and to foster an educational culture that helps students to excel at developing, implementing and controlling strategies and tactics. These fall into the areas of markets, products and services, distribution, promotion and pricing. Students should thus be capable of achieving their goals and meeting the needs and wants of employers, customers, and society.

A secondary role, pertaining to the marketing faculty, is to provide marketing information, advice, and efforts to the university and other groups where their knowledge and abilities can provide value.

Amy Lawley Name: Amy Lawley
Degree: Marketing
Graduation Date: December 2012
Hometown: Cedar City, Utah

"The best things about the School of Business at SUU are the professors. All of my professors know me and are more than willing to spend time with me outside of class to help me succeed. I truly feel that they care about me and my success. The business program is a great place to be!"

Hotel Resort & Hospitality Management


The Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Management program prepares students for career success in the hospitality industry anywhere in the world. Students will receive pertinent instruction in all business school disciplines in a hospitality industry context from professors that have both extensive industry experience and terminal degrees. Instruction centers on the key concepts of customer service, leadership, technology, financial management, and operations with practical work experience. Our curriculum is closely linked with industry demands, with special emphasis on building trust among guests, employees, and community.


Graduates of the SUU HRHM program will be able to successfully compete for hospitality positions with global and domestic employers due to having a solid interdisciplinary foundation in hospitality operations and applied business skills for decision making.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Hospitality Research Center are to provide an educational and promotional website for students, instructors, and others for use in business, educational, and personal settings.

Cameron Shaw Name: Cameron Shaw
Degree: HRHM
Graduation Date: May 2012
Hometown: Roy, Utah

"I chose the Hotel, Resort & Hospitality Management program because of the various opportunities. They offer experiential learning with the community and professional business.

The most important thing I have learned form my professors is to get out of the classroom, don't just learn from books and lecture all the time. I also learned to take advantage of the great study abroad options the School of Business Offers. I loved my Study of Hospitality in Thailand, that was an opportunity I will never forget.

The HRHM program offers several guest lectures in numerous classes and day trips each semester where I got to interact and network with leaders in the industry. This has helped me in searching for a job.

I love the smaller classes because you get one on one attention. Plus, my professors actually know my name, and we have truly gotten to know each other personally."