Master of Science Business Analytics

Master of Science in Business Analytics

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The Master of Business Analytics program at SUU trains students to use data, statistical analysis, and mathematical models to solve business problems, improve business processes, and make better business decisions. The program aims to achieve the optimal balance between technical expertise and real-world applications, to produce graduates who can apply appropriate methodologies in practical ways. In addition, the program provides a well-rounded education by giving students experience with both Data Analytics—the science of transforming data into insights—and Operations Research—the application of quantitative methods to problems involving complex systems. By acquiring a strong foundation in these areas, our graduates are prepared to make a significant impact on organizational performance.

Why choose an MSBA at SUU?

  • A highly qualified faculty, with both academic and professional experience, focused on student success
  • Small class sizes, providing the opportunity for personal interaction with faculty and classmates
  • Outstanding training in a high-demand, rapidly growing field with tremendous opportunities for well- qualified individuals
  • An AACSB accredited program, the highest standard of quality for business schools worldwide
  • A relevant, rigorous, and well-balanced curriculum

Admission Requirements

Admission to the MSBA program requires a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, or the equivalent, and a GPA of at least 3.0 on the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework. In addition, certain prerequisites must be satisfied prior to beginning the program, as indicated in the Program Prerequisites section below.

The following materials must be submitted to apply to the program:

  1. Completed application with the $60 application fee
  2. Official transcripts from each college or university attended
  3. Letters of recommendation (3)
  4. Official GRE or GMAT scores attained within the last 5 years, unless the conditions are meet for a test waiver
  5. Professional resume
  6. Letter of intent
  7. International students may have additional requirements, including English language proficiency

Please submit all materials through the online application system by May 31st of the year you wish to begin (generally, new students start the program each fall semester). Late applications may be considered based on applicant qualifications, timing, and space availability. As you prepare your application submission, please plan sufficient time to complete any program prerequisites that may be required prior to registration, as described below. 

The GRE/GMAT Score Requirement and Waiver Conditions

A minimum GRE/GMAT score is not specified for admission to the program. Each applicant's entire package will be considered in the admission decision, but strong performance in quantitative courses and the quantitative section of the GRE/GMAT is essential. Generally, successful applicants have scores well above the 50th percentile on the quantitative section of the GRE/GMAT. 

The GMAT/GRE requirement can be waived for prospective students who: (1) obtained a bachelor degree within the last 5 years and (2) have an undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher, both overall and in key quantitative classes.

Program Prerequisites

The MSBA program is designed for students with strong quantitative abilities and some educational background in quantitative methods and business. Prospective students with bachelor degrees in business disciplines or in fields related to Business Analytics such as Computer Science, Economics, Information Systems, Math or Statistics are encouraged to apply. The following, or the equivalent, are the minimum program prerequisites:

  • Math:  an introductory course in calculus (e.g., MATH 1210, Calculus I, or ECON 2500, Quantitative Methods for Business & Economics)
    recommended:  a second course in calculus and a course in linear algebra
  • Statistics:  an introductory course in statistics (e.g., MATH 1040, Statistics)
    recommended:  a course in mathematical statistics and probability
  • Accounting:  a course in accounting principles (e.g., ACCT 2010, Accounting Principles)
  • Finance:  a course in managerial finance (e.g., FIN 3250, Managerial Finance I)
  • Microeconomics:  a course in microeconomics (e.g., ECON 2010, Principles of Microeconomics)
    recommended:  a course in managerial economics or intermediate microeconomics

In addition, prospective students must be proficient with Excel and familiar with at least one programming language.

For prospective MSBA students lacking prerequisites in business, or needing more experience with Excel or programming, accelerated online courses can be taken prior to beginning the program to satisfy the background requirements in these areas. The prerequisite courses do not need to be completed prior to admission but they must be completed prior to course registration. Through the admission process, specific instructions will be provided for meeting any applicable prerequisite requirements. 


If you have any questions about the application process or application status, please contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Stephanie Greenhalgh, at (435) 865-8297 or via email at