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Special Events Vendor Application

Valid May 30, 2018 - June 30, 2019

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Southern Utah University’s Community & Academic Enrichment (CAE) office houses Community Education and hosts multiple events throughout the region. The goal of these events is to offer venues for community gathering, learning and cultural enrichment. CAE also aims to support local artists, crafters, hobbyists, performers and entertainers. The vendor application process allows for participation in CAE events and is critical to ensuring quality and integrity of events through verification of goods, services, presentation and permits.

Terms and Payment Information

Once you have submitted an application, an initial review of your application will be completed by SUU Community Education to determine best fit for your goods, services or other contributions to the event. Any required or supplemental documentation you provide will then be shared with the event management team to determine final approval. You will be notified if any additional information or documentation is needed. Delay in sending this information may result in a denial of your application.

Once your Vendor Application is approved, you will be placed on the Approved Vendor List. As a pre-approved vendor, you will have the option to participate in upcoming events managed by the SUU Community & Academic Enrichment Office.

However, for each event, you must submit a Vendor Contract and pay the required fees, in full, no later than 5 p.m. on the 15th of the month prior to the event.

If your fee payment is late, not paid in full by the deadline, or your Vendor Contract is denied for any other reason, any fee (or portion of fee) paid for that event will be refunded in full within 30 days of denial.

Other Terms and Conditions

You must complete a vendor contract and pay the established fee for each event. Booth rental is not transferable, your business will be the only business authorized to occupy your assigned vendor booth. Once paid, your rental fee is non-refundable. If for some reason the event is not held because of an act of nature (tornado, earthquake, fire, flooding, severe lightning) your fee for the canceled event will be credited to the fee being charged for a future event.

Vendor spaces are limited. Spaces are offered on a “first-come, first-reserved” basis. Event location and spaces available for reservation can be obtained by contacting Kay’ce Hofheins at (435) 586-7808 or


Buskers (street artists, musicians, or actors performing for tips) are a fun and unique aspect of events. Buskers may include jugglers, street painters, musicians, magicians, balloon twisters, caricature artists, fortune telling, and more. A sign may be placed nearby that reads simply, “Tips” or “Tips Welcome.” Buskers are required to pay a $15 event entrance fee. Buskers will be assigned a designated busking area on the event map and will receive map location information prior to each event.

Liability Insurance

In order to be approved, vendors deemed to pose some level of risk to the University, as assessed by SUU, must supply a Certificate of Insurance and an Additional Insured Endorsement listing Southern Utah University as an "Additional Insured". If you do not provide a Certificate of Insurance when you submit your application and we determine you do pose a risk, we will contact you to request one prior to final approval of your application.


Submitting Form Online

In order for your application to be complete and ready for processing, the following items on this checklist must be ready to submit as attachments:

  • 4 x 6 or digital photo of sample items for sale (2-3) or a menu/price list
  • If applicant is a Food Vendor, we will require a copy of your current Health Permit
  • If determined necessary by SUU, a Certificate of Insurance to verify that you have Liability Insurance in force during the entire event, which lists Southern Utah University as an “Additional Insured” on the policy.

Please be sure to pay your Vendor Booth Fee following the links provided in the Vendor Contract Form section below.

Should you require assistance or have any questions, please contact Kay’ce Hofheins at (435) 586-7808. You may also contact us via email at

Social Media & Print

Our goal is to help you be successful.

All vendors are encouraged to post to the SUU Community Education & Academic Experiences Facebook page to promote participation in the event. Items or products sold, menu items, etc., may be included in the Facebook posting. Sharing Instagram posts with SUU_community, is also encouraged. Please use #suubewise.

Vendor Contract Form

To submit your vendor application online, fill out and submit the form below. Once submitted you will be provided a link to pay your vendor fees.

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