Faith-Diversity Resources

SUU is home to students with a variety of religious spiritual preferences.  As a college student it is exciting to experience new ideas and meet new people. For many, these experiences cause students to wonder why they believe the things they do. Being curious about developing parts of one's identity is very common, and both spiritual identity and religious identity can be a big part of figuring out who we are and who we want to become. Needing a safe place to sort out issues around faith and spirituality is very normal, but not everyone has a safe space and it can often feel scary.

The resources you'll find here and at CAPS are designed to create a supportive space to explore, be curious, and learn from other people's journey and learning. At CAPS we hope to develop a community that provides support, acceptance, and safety as individuals journey on their own personal spiritual path.

This site is in progress. We are slowly and intentionally adding resources. Suggestions can be submitted to .