SUU CAPS Peer Mental Health Support Program

Mental Health Support Peers Evaluation 

Mission Statement

Southern Utah University Counseling and Psychological Services (SUU CAPS) Mental Health Support Peers are skill and tool trained Seniors at Southern Utah University working under the leadership of the clinical staff at SUU CAPS. Mental Health Support Peers work alongside students experiencing mental health challenges. Peer Mentors support students through group and individual outreach in order to teach and transfer mental wellness skills in the service of connecting students with clinical supports/therapeutic alliance. SUU CAPS Mental Health Support Peers also refer students to campus and community wellness resources, and lead and deliver outreach education on student mental wellness. The Mental Health Support Peers work under the leadership of SUU CAPS, and collaborate with interdisciplinary and cross-campus mental wellness, student affairs and academic teams to provide students with wraparound and intersected opportunities for success and belonging at Southern Utah University.

CAPS Promotes Mental Health Wellbeing with new peer support program

Position Overview

The SUU Counseling and Psychological Services Mental Health Support Peer position is a part-time undergraduate-level direct support position administered by the SUU CAPS Office, a unit of SUU Student Affairs. The SUU CAPS Mental Health Support Peer is responsible for outreach and responsive support to SUU students who identify as struggling with a mental health challenge. Peers meet with students individually, in dyads, and in group meetings. Peer Mentors are knowledgeable university and community guides and outreach educators who share supportive skills and tools and connect students with resources in support of holistic mental wellness.

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