Counseling and Psychological Services

Self-Help Information & Additional Resources

General Mental Health Resources:

ULifeline - Online resources for college mental health.

CCI Self Help Resources - Learn more about your specific mental health & relationship concerns and tips & tricks for being healthier. Completing readings and activities on this site can help you begin to build a foundation for individual therapy. 

Centre for Clinical Interventions - research, treatment, and resources for anxiety, mood, and eating disorders

Psych Hub - a comprehensive video library of mental health education

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Publications - Brochures and fact sheets on mental health disorders by topic. 

American Psychological Association Help Center - Information related to psychological issues affecting your daily physical and emotional well-being.

Healthy Place: America's Mental Health Channel - Comprehensive, authoritative information on psychological disorderspsychiatric medications, and other mental health treatments.

The Mindful Way Through Anxiety Exercises 


Addiction Center: Dual Diagnosis - Many people diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) also suffer from a co-occurring mental health or behavioral disorder. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Find more information here. 


How to Make Stress Your Friend - This TEDtalk provides a different perspective on stress, with some ideas on how to better manage stress.

A College Student's Guide to Stress - a comprehensive guide from WGU about coping with stress in college.


TED - The Power of Vulnerability

TED Topics - Mental Health

Substance Abuse:

Alcohol eCheckUp To Go

Marijuana eCheckup to Go

Alcohol Rehab Guide - a website dedicated to helping people overcome alcoholism and achieve long-term sobriety.

Xanax and Alcohol Abuse - Information on the potentially deadly interactions that can occur in mixing these common substances.

Campus/Community Resources:

Allies on Campus

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