Stress- Mental Health Toolkit

A College Student's Guide to Stress - A comprehensive guide from WGU about coping with stress in college.

How to Make Stress Your Friend - This TEDtalk provides a different perspective on stress, with some ideas on how to better manage stress.

The Brain That Changes Itself – A book by Norman Doidge on a new science called “neuroplasticity” and how the brain can work to rewire itself.

Open to DesireIt is common in both Buddhism and Freudian psychoanalysis to treat desire as if it is the root of all suffering and problems, but psychiatrist Mark Epstein believes this to be a grave misunderstanding.In his controversial defense of desire, he makes clear that it is the key to deepening intimacy with ourselves, each other, and our world.

Why Zebras Don’t Get UlcersNow in a third edition, Robert M. Sapolsky's acclaimed and successful Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers features new chapters on how stress affects sleep and addiction, as well as new insights into anxiety and personality disorder and the impact of spirituality on managing stress.

Hardwiring HappinessLife isn’t easy, and having a brain wired to take in the bad and ignore the good makes us worried, irritated, and stressed, instead of confident, secure, and happy. But each day is filled with opportunities to build inner strengths, and Dr. Rick Hanson, an acclaimed clinical psychologist, shows what you can do to override the brain’s default pessimism.

Breathing Exercises: