SUU Career Center

Meet Brian

Brian Fullerton
Career Advisor, Career & Professional Development
Phone: (435) 586-5420


Master of Public Administration, SUU

Job Responsibilities

Help students decide on Major/Career options and polish their professional development skills.


Overton, NV

Started at SUU



Anything sports, outdoors, or with my family. Buying pops for lost golf bets

Why I Enjoy Career Advising

I enjoy getting to know students and basically changing their lives. #NBD

Why I Love SUU

The energy of the students, the positivity of the atmosphere, and the camaraderie of the team I work with.

Why I Can Do for You

My goal is to help students with the exploration process of both self and career. Using theories rooted in self-understanding and development, I help students develop their strengths, interests, and unique personality outcomes into potential directions for successful careers. This creates purpose and passion leading to motivation and persistence through their education into their career.