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We find ourselves in uncharted territory as universities across the country are taking the unprecedented step of pivoting from in-person to remote instruction in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This represents a significant challenge for faculty, especially those who have little experience with online instruction. Delivering lectures, maintaining connections with students, and redesigning assignments are just some of the issues we are all currently faced with. Fortunately, teaching and learning experts across the country have mobilized to produce resources to help faculty during this time. At the CETL, we have compiled the best of these resources in the hopes they are useful to SUU faculty.

Support for remote teaching this summer

Resources to kick-start your summer teaching

OTL/CETL webinar recordings from April 21:


General articles

These articles highlight some of the major issues faculty should consider as they transition to remote instruction. Many of them contain links to additional resources.

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 Further reading:


Self-paced courses to help faculty learn how to teach remotely

These courses and webinars offer excellent advice and resources for transitioning from in-person to remote instruction.


Resources for remote teaching

These pages contain links to resources and tools that can help you with remote instruction. Several of them break down resources by discipline.


Maintaining community

Building and maintaining connections with your students is essential to fostering an effective learning environment. This is more important now than ever before.



It is important to consider accessibility when teaching remotely in order to reduce potential barriers your students may experience.


Advice for students

Remote instruction will be a new experience for many of your students. These resources provide advice to help students adjust to a new form of instruction.


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