Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Innovation Grants

The Provost’s Office and the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) offer funding to support the development of innovative teaching and learning strategies. These competitive Curriculum Innovation Grants (CIGs) are awarded to faculty looking to redesign a course to incorporate high impact pedagogical practices that have been demonstrated to increase student learning.

The CETL will assist successful applicants with developing, implementing, and assessing their proposed curricular innovations through a series of CIG workshops that are held in May. SUU faculty with experience in each of the innovation areas will lead these workshops, the goals of which are to provide faculty with a support network and the tools needed to successfully implement their curricular innovations during the following academic year.


  • Proposals will be considered for curricular innovations in the following areas:
    • Community Engaged Learning
    • Open Pedagogies
    • Team-taught Integrated GE Courses (more information about this new SUU initiative can be found here)
    • Human Values
  • Successful proposals will demonstrate significant modifications to a course to include one of the innovations listed above. Routine course revisions or minor modifications will not be considered.
  • Development of new courses will be considered, as long as the course development
  • includes one of the innovations listed above.
  • All tenured, tenure-track, non tenure-track, and adjunct faculty may apply.
  • A maximum of 8 proposals will be awarded in each category.


Successful applicants will receive up to $1000, distributed as follows:

  • $250 upon completing & evaluating the May CIG workshops.
  • $250 upon submitting a completed plan for implementing the proposed curricular innovation.
  • $500 upon submitting a reflection, including assessment results, of the curricular innovation after the course is concluded.

Presentation Requirements

Successful applicants will present the results of their course redesign at SUU’s Festival of Excellence.

Application Requirements

Applications must include:

  1. A description of the course that will be redesigned and how it is currently taught. If you are applying to create a new course, please describe the general idea for the course you are proposing. [250 words]
  2. A description of the proposed curricular innovation, including evidence from the literature that the innovation enhances student learning, and how the innovation will be assessed at the end of the course (i.e., how student learning will be assessed and compared to previous iterations of the course). [500 words]
  3. A brief explanation of why you are motivated to apply for the CIG. What do you hope to gain, professionally, from your participation in the CIG? [250 words]

Faculty interested in applying for a CIG should first read the Call for Proposals and then complete the Application Form. Applicants must send an electronic version of the completed application to the CETL ( Print copies of the application will not be accepted.


Please contact Matt Weeg, CETL Director, at or 435-586-5408, or Liz Olson, CETL Associate Director, at or 865-8257.