SUU SignFaculty Development Support Fund

The Provost's Office graciously provides Southern Utah University faculty with two funding grants to support their professional development. All full-time faculty are encouraged to apply for these grants as demand arises.

Scholarship = FSSF: For all funding needs associated with research and scholarship (i.e., travel to conduct research, travel to present research, travel for board and organizational leadership, support for research assistance and released time, and specialized equipment necessary to perform research), you are in the wrong place! The Faculty Scholarly Support Fund is available directly from the Provost’s Office.

Teaching = FDSF: For pedagogical and professional development (i.e., travel to pedagogical or teaching conferences, professional or academic conference attendance [without a presentation], workshop attendance, pedagogical training and certification, and classroom supplies and equipment).

The FDSF: Faculty interested in applying for an FDSF grant must first read the application instructions and then complete the application form. Applicants must fill out the relevant fields in the form carefully, thoroughly, and correctly. On completion, the proposal must be sent to the applicant's department chair (or the dean, when the applying faculty member is a chair) for the requisite support information. Completed applications, including the letter of support from the chair/dean, must then be sent electronically to the CETL (

Applications will be reviewed four times a year according to the following schedule:

Travel and Expenses Period Submission Deadline
October through March Second Friday in September
January through June First Friday in November
April through September First Friday in February
July through December First Friday in April

Applications will be assessed by the FDSF committee using a scoring rubric. Priority will be given to (1) proposals with strong administrative support and matching funding, (2) proposals submitted by untenured assistant professors and junior faculty, (3) proposals that demonstrate how the funds will improve faculty as teachers, and (4) proposals for supplies and equipment that cannot be procured through regular means. Late, incomplete, or incorrectly filled out applications will not be considered for funding!


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