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CETL Learning Communities

The Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) is excited to continue our Learning Communities initiative! Learning Communities bring like-minded educators together for a series of discussions focused on a central topic. They incorporate the social aspect of learning, while providing structure and intentionality to professional development. Participants who attend each session of a Learning Community will receive a letter of recognition that may be used as evidence of engagement in their FEC Report. The Learning Communities planned for this semester are shown below.

Fall 2019 Learning Communities

Learning Community #1: New Faculty of SUU

Facilitators: Matt Weeg, Caitlin Gerrity, and Lisa Arter (
Dates: (see below)
Times: (see below)
Location: (see below)


Welcome to T-bird Nation! Building collegial relationships is vital to a healthy and happy career. We are delighted to have you join our SUU family and wish to support you as best we can. Whether you are new to the profession or merely to your SUU position, we have bi-weekly discussions that focus specifically on the concerns of new SUU faculty.


Each section will cover the same material. Please select the section that best fits with your schedule.

  • Section A, Alternate Fridays, 9-10am (with Matt Weeg)
    • 9/6, 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15 in BB 304H
  • Section B, Alternate Thursdays 4-5pm (with Caitlin Gerrity)
    • 9/5, 9/19 (Great Basin), 10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14 in Shooting Star
  • Section C, Alternate Tuesdays, 2:30-3:30pm (with Lisa Arter)
    • 9/3 (Brian Head), 9/17, 10/1, 10/15, 10/29, 11/12 in Yankee Meadows

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Learning Community #2: Effective Online Teaching

Facilitators: Online Teaching & Learning Staff
Dates: Wednesdays: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, and 10/9
Times: 1-2pm
Location: 9/11 and 10/9 in Yankee Meadows; other dates in Sage Valley


Don’t let the name fool you, this office is about supporting teachers and technology at all levels and in all settings. OTL offers a variety of services including Canvas support, instructional design, and multi-media development. These sessions are open to faculty at all career stages, whether you teach online or face-to-face classes. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions, depending on your needs and availability. Bring your laptop or smartphone.


  • Profile of the Online Learner
  • Foundations of Cognition and Learning
  • Cognitive Strategies to Support Learners' Thinking
  • Developing Cognitive, Social, and Teaching Presence Online
  • Strategies for Managing Your Online Course

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Learning Community #3: BridGE: Connecting our Students to the World

Facilitators: Krystal McCoy and John Belk
Dates: Alternate Tuesdays: 9/17, 10/1, 10/15 and 10/29
Times: 2:30-3:45pm
Location: Shooting Star except 10/29 in Vermillion Cliffs


SUU invests heavily in our GE program. If you have taught, are teaching, or will teach any GE classes, join us.


  • Building Infrastructure: Introduce and create the bridGE lesson for implementation in your GE course.
  • Rejuvenating GE at SUU: Discuss and experience the benefits of a GE education.
  • Improving the GE program: Cultivate discussion regarding the advancement of our GE program.
  • Drawing Conclusions: Share bridGE lesson teaching experience and reflect on overall experience.

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Learning Community #4: Course (Re)Design

Facilitators: Lisa Arter
Dates: Wednesdays: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16
Times: 1-2pm
Location: Red Hills


Don’t just delete your least-favorite week! Whether you are a curriculum expert or a rookie, work better with collaboration and accountability, or simply need motivation to get started on Spring course revisions, join us as we fill our teacher toolboxes with engaging and thought-provoking curriculum which deepens student understanding.

Sometimes called “backward design,” the principles of Understanding by Design provide a goal-based framework for curriculum development. Participants of this PLC will meet weekly for six weeks to collaborate on individual course revision by working through the UbD framework.

Our goal is for each participant to have one completed course ready to implement in the Spring, and the confidence to repeat the process with his or her remaining courses.

Choose which of your courses you want to revise first and sign up early as space is limited to the first 12 faculty members who register. We welcome teachers at all career stages. Copies of Wiggins and McTighe’s Guide to Creating High-Quality Units will be provided to participants.


  • Introduction and Overview to UbD
  • Learning Goals
  • Essential Questions and Determining Evidence
  • Starting Points and Developing an Initial Unit Sketch
  • The UbD Template
  • Learning for Understanding

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