Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning

New Faculty

Welcome to SUU! We are excited to have you join us, and look forward to working with you as you embark on this new stage in your career. Regardless of your previous experience, the first year of teaching at a new institution can be a challenge. The CETL, in collaboration with the Provost's Office, offers additional support to faculty during this time.

As you start preparing your courses for the fall, the following resources may be useful to you:

The CETL recommends using Backward Design as you are preparing your courses. This approach, involves first articulating the learning outcomes you want your students to achieve, then determining how you will assess your students’ progress towards those outcomes, and finally developing the learning activities that you will use to help your students achieve the outcomes you have established for them. The following resources provide more information on Backward Design:

In addition to these online resources, the CETL also offers in-person support to new faculty throughout the school year. This includes a New Faculty Orientation, which will take place on Monday, August 19, and a New Faculty of SUU Learning Community, which meets every other week. More information about these events will be provided as we approach the start of the school year.

Important SUU Resources:

Teaching and Learning Resources

APEX Events

SUU's guest speaker series that gives SUU students the opportunity to engage today's leaders, thinkers, and innovators and participate in other university-sponsored programs.

Beverley Center for the Arts (The Beverley)

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts (The Beverley) incorporates visual arts, live theatre, and dynamic arts education on SUU's campus and dramatically enriches the cultural life of Cedar City and its surrounding region.


Purchase textbooks, school supplies, and SUU gear.

Canvas (Canvas Help)

SUU's learning management system, similar to Blackboard or Desire-2-Learn.


The online Catalog includes all official courses and course descriptions, requirements for majors and minors, and information about key policies.

Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL)

This Center houses SUU's professional development opportunities to promote excellence in teaching and learning, supporting faculty learning inside and outside of the classroom. The Center offers routine and needs-based training, facilitating workshops and roundtables, coordinating Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), and administering a variety of faculty academies throughout the academic year.

Concurrent Enrollment

This site provides information regarding SUU's opportunities for high school students to earn college credit.

Engagement Centers

The Engagement Centers provide students with important academic opportunities that aren't necessarily covered by students' general coursework.  

Faculty Development Support Fund (FDSF)

One of two main on-campus funding sources for faculty, the FDSF provides funding for professional development workshops and conferences where the faculty member is not presenting.  It also provides funding for materials that will assist in the teaching and learning process.

Faculty Scholarly Support Fund (FSSF)

One of two main on-campus funding sources for faculty, the FSSF provides funding for scholarly activity such as travel to present at conferences, materials to assist with research, etc.

Faculty Senate

This body provides faculty with the opportunity to share in SUU's governance.

Festival of Excellence

The Festival of Excellence is SUU's on-campus conference held in early April that celebrates SUU's scholarly efforts through interdisciplinary dialogue to encourage life-long learning.

General Education

The GE Program provides broad subject-area knowledge and learning skills that are foundational for achieving engaged, personalized and rigorous learning that transcends and complements a student's major.

Honors Program

The SUU Honors Program provides enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented, creative, and academically committed students in a friendly, informal and interdisciplinary undergraduate experience.

IDEA Course Evaluations

SUU has adopted the IDEA Course Evaluations for all courses. Evaluations are to be included in the Teaching Excellence section of Faculty Annual Activity Reports.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The SUU IRB reviews all SUU research proposals involving human participants to determine if the research participants are placed at risk and if their rights and welfare are adequately protected.

Information Technology (IT)

The IT department handles technical difficulties.


This program allows students to fulfill all General Education requirements in one year.  Eight faculty members teach the cohort of students in an integrative environment for 3 hours every weekday for an entire school year.

Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) Initiative

The Utah System of Higher Education, including SUU, has adopted this national public advocacy and campus action initiative of the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). LEAP champions the importance of a twenty-first-century liberal education—for individual students and for a nation dependent on economic creativity and democratic vitality.


SUU's Gerald R. Sherratt Library provides a multitude of resources and services, including a robust Inter-Library Loan system.

Leave, Rank, and Tenure (LRT) Process

This link leads to the policy that governs the LRT process.


SUU is governed by a set of policies. They can be found at this link.

Provost's Office

The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer who oversees matters that affect academic programs, scholarly and creative efforts, service, and outreach involving faculty, students and staff. The Provost provides leadership for academic quality; institutional accreditation and accountability; managing academic appointments, searches, tenure, and promotion; and a positive learning environment.

Semester in the Parks

This program allows students to study, live, and work in and around Utah's National Parks for an entire semester.  Faculty commute to the national parks to teach their classes.

Southern Utah Museum of Arts (SUMA)

The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) is part of the Beverley Center for the Arts (The Beverley).

Sponsored Programs, Awards, Research, and Contracts (SPARC)

All grant proposals must be administered through the SPARC Office. The SPARC Office promotes externally funded research, training, and demonstration projects. SPARC will provide assistance to faculty members, administrators, and students from conceptual development and planning through implementation and management of funded projects.  

Testing Center

The Testing Center administers tests in a safe, calm, and supervised setting.

Tutoring Center

The Learning Center tutoring lab is designed to enhance SUU students' learning capabilities in a professional environment. Peer tutoring in many subjects is available at no charge to the students. Assistance in organizing and facilitating study groups is also provided.

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program (UGRASP)

One of the few campus-wide funding sources for undergraduate research and scholarship, UGRASP is committed to fostering a community of scholars across all disciplines. As part of its mission, the program will encourage and support student-mentor collaborations in research and creative expression, preparing students to become the scholars, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow.

Women's Network

The SUU Women's Network will work to create an educational, professional, and political climate in which women's voices and values, in all their diversity and richness, are heard and included in efforts to shape the institutional and public agenda of higher education, as well as leadership roles for women at SUU.

Writing Center

The Writing Center promotes and celebrates writing university-wide.  It serves as a hub for faculty and students, providing resources and opportunities to encourage successful writers across all disciplines.

Student Support & Services

Academic Advising

SUU's Student Success Advisors (Academic Advisors) help students navigate the academic landscape, including assisting in registration.

Allies on Campus

SUU Allies On Campus is a committee comprised of students, staff, and faculty dedicated to creating safe spaces for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer individuals and Allies (LGBTQA) on the campus of Southern Utah University (SUU).


All things related to SUU athletics can be found here.

Care and Support Team (CAST)

The mission of CAST is to promote student resiliency by providing a visible network of support on campus for students who are experiencing isolation, sadness, fear, anxiety, or other forms of emotional distress.

Career and Professional Development Center

This Center assists students in finding employment during and after their time at SUU.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS is staffed with experienced licensed mental health professionals including psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors who work with students to reduce the interference of everyday stress and also treat more serious conditions.

Dean of Students

Contact the Dean of Students for issues related to plagiarism and academic dishonesty, as well as FERPA, student conduct, and incident reporting.

Disability Services

This office continuously provides support and services to students with disabilities who are overcoming different educational difficulties because of their individual challenges. Reasonable accommodations are offered to participants in the program, giving them access to services requested by law.

Diversity and Inclusion Center

The Center serves American ethnic minority students through academic advisement, counseling, and access to financial aid/scholarships. The center also promotes diversity at SUU through clubs (Black Student Union, Native American Student Association, and Polynesian Club) forums, and cultural weeks.

Early Alert System (LINK)

This is SUU's system to report student progress and concerns to their academic advisor and support staff. Students can also use this system to schedule advising, tutoring, and other services.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

This office assists students with financial aid and scholarships.

Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative (IIC)

The IIC is a partnership between SUU and several land management agencies and Native American tribes. The partnership develops challenging internship opportunities for students from most SUU degree programs and in a diversity of exciting professional fields.

International Student Services

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office is here to support and assist international students and scholars during their time at Southern Utah University.

Registrar's Office

This office is made up of Registration, Records, Scheduling, Transfer Credit Evaluation, and Graduation Evaluation.

Risk Management

This office's mission is to work closely with you and your department to identify, evaluate, and manage risk in order to provide a safe environment for the campus community.

Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA)

This is the website for the student association.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs delivers programs and services designed to support students as they pursue their educational goals and facilitate experiential learning that empowers students to acquire the skills needed to lead productive and meaningful lives.

Student Handbook

This is a compilation of information derived from various sources across campus. As students transact business on campus or encounter situations or circumstances for which they may need guidance, the Handbook can provide useful and relevant information in an easy to access format.


T-Fit is dedicated to educating, motivating, and empowering SUU employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Title IX

The Office of Title IX Compliance exists to educate and prevent gender inequity, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.

Veterans Resource and Support Center

The Veterans Center processes Veteran Education Benefits for approval by the Veterans Administration.

University Services 

SUU Dining Services

SUU contracts all food services through SUU Dining Services. They also cater SUU's events.

Guest Services

The Guest Services staff is here to help plan every detail of events, including venue selection, catering, linens, audio-visual, and lodging.


This office assists students in their housing needs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Office assists SUU employees with all employee-related needs, including employee benefits, etc.

Parking Services

The mission of Parking Services is to maintain a safe and efficient parking system that continuously adapts to growth of the University community and its visitors.

Travel Authorizations and Other Forms

To travel for work-related events, employees must be authorized. To request a travel authorization, or for a variety of other needs, view the forms at this site.