SUU Campus CETL Mission, Vision and Strategic Direction


Southern Utah University recognizes teaching for learning as the primary professional commitment of faculty. The Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) supports all SUU Faculty by providing an array of resources to engage students in personalized and rigorous experiential education. We support SUU Faculty in their efforts to empower students to become productive citizens, socially responsible leaders, high achievers, and lifelong learners.

The CETL provides all SUU Faculty opportunities to increase their own pedagogical and scholarly knowledge. Through orientation meetings, training seminars, roundtable discussions, Faculty Learning Communities, professional academy programs, and the Faculty Development Support Fund, the CETL offers faculty information, demonstrations, and resources to improve and support pedagogical skills.


The Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) will be recognized for promoting a culture of teaching for learning in which teaching is grounded in sound pedagogy and focused on facilitating excellence in student learning.

Strategic Directions

The Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning seeks to fulfill its mission and realize its vision through:

  • promoting the understanding and application of learning theory for the purposes of facilitating excellence in student learning;
  • helping faculty with course design and with understanding, confirming, and improving student learning;
  • fostering a community of teacher-scholars that promotes excellence in teaching for learning;
  • providing a variety of opportunities for training and exchange of experiences such as workshops, orientations, learning communities, peer mentoring, and other faculty support groups;
  • promoting the development of knowledge and the exchange of experiences in a responsive, interactive, supportive, and confidential setting;
  • providing faculty with a Faculty Development Support Fund grant to facilitate attendance at pedagogical and academic conferences;
  • supporting and advancing the effective use of technology in teaching for learning.


Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning