Concurrent Enrollment

SUU Concurrent Enrollment Instructions

All students interested in participating in Concurrent Enrollment (CE) will apply for admission and register for classes online, utilizing tools similar to a regular university student. The following is intended to assist students, parents, teachers, high school counselors, and coordinators in understanding this electronic enrollment process.

Students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 for admission to CE. Once admitted, students must maintain a 2.0 SUU GPA to remain in good standing.

  1. Apply to the university.
  2. Activate your mySUU Portal account.
  3. Register for courses.
  4. Pay for course fees. ($5 per credit)
  5. (OPTIONAL) View your unofficial transcript and/or order an official transcript after the course is finished.

If you have any questions, please contact Brodee Nelson at 435/865-8035 or

Step 1: Apply to SUU

You will need to apply to the university, pay the one-time admission fee ($40), and send a transcript to the university as soon as possible (you will not be evaluated for admission until all three steps are completed) -please note that if you are going to be registering for English or Math you must meet the prerequisites and submit evidence of meeting them.

Please follow these instructions to apply to SUU:

  1. Open the State Concurrent Enrollment application.
  2. Students will need the following when completing the application
    • a social security number, student VISA number, or alien registration number, if you have one (your citizenship status does not affect your ability to participate in the CE program)
    • a parent or guardian present, to read disclosures about CE and grant approval for you to participate
    • a credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay a one-time application fee for the colleges from which you will take CE classes
    • access to both student and parent/guardian email accounts (both will receive an email with a verification code that is needed to complete the application)
    • The entire form must be completed in one browser session or the application will have to be redone because it does not save.
    • There is a 9-minute instruction video that goes through the application step by step.
  3. Have your high school send your transcript to, or you can have them mail your transcript to 351 W. University Blvd. Cedar City, UT 84720
  4. Your application will only be complete and ready for review once the application has been submitted, the admission fee paid, and the transcript received. Please allow at two to three weeks to process your application after all requirements are received.
  5. Two week days after you submit your application, you will be able to activate your SUU Portal.

Prerequisite Requirements

You must notify the SUU Enrollment Services Office if you are meeting prerequisites for the English or Math courses with an Accuplacer test, high school courses. Please call the registrar's office at 435-586-7715 to make sure that your prerequisite information is on file and that you may proceed to register for these classes.

Step 2: Activate your mySUU Portal Account

You will need to activate your mySUU portal (between Step 1 and Step 2 you must wait 2 week days in order for the system to update and recognize you).

Please follow these instructions to activate your portal (if you haven't been activated before):

  1. Go to
    1. If you recall the email address you used when applying to SUU:
      1. Enter your email address and select "Go"
      2. The system will send an email to the email address you put on the application.
      3. Open the email from SUU and then select "Finish Your Account Activation"
    2. If you don't remember the email you used when applying to SUU, do the following:
      1. Select "Alternate Activation"
      2. Enter your SSN, Birthdate, and Zip Code
  2. Then follow the prompts from there, which will include choosing a security question, agreeing to the "Acceptable Use Policy", and setting and confirming a password.
  3. It will then display a screen that says, "Your account has been successfully activated", and will show your username and T-Number. It will not display the password you set in the previous step.
  4. The system will send you another email, to the email address you put on your application, that contains your username and your T-Number.
  5. Now you will be able to access the mySUU portal

Please follow these instructions if you have activated your account, but don't remember your username and/or password:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the appropriate link in the "Forgot username or password?" section.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to either:
    1. Provide your email address on file with SUU (probably the one used when you completed your application) OR
    2. "Alternate password reset", which will prompt you for your Social Security Number, Birthdate, and Zip Code.
  4. If you provided your email to be reminded of your username, it will be displayed on screen.
  5. If you provided your email or selected "Alternate password reset", follow the instructions on screen to complete the password reset process.
  6. If this doesn't work, please contact our IT help desk at 435-865-8200.

Step 3: Register for Courses

After you have received notification from SUU that you have been admitted, and after you have activated your account, you will need to register for your classes (which cost $5 per credit).

Please consult with your high school counselor who will provide you with the Course Registration Numbers (CRNs).

It is highly recommended that you do Step 3 register and Step 4 pay together - If you don't you will have to wait 2 days until you can access the online payment system.

Please follow these instructions to register for classes:

  1. Access your mySUU Portal using the username and password created when you activated your account.
    1. If this is your first time accessing the mySUU Portal, it may prompt you to verify your personal information. If it does, follow the directions and then proceed with logging in.
  2. In the mySUU Portal, you will see two gray boxes on the left hand side of the screen. In the "Banner" box (bottom left) select "Registration".
  3. Select "Register for Classes"
  4. Select the term in which you will be taking courses and select "Continue"
  5. Select the "Enter CRNs" tab below the "Register for Classes" heading.
  6. Enter the Course Registration Number (CRN) given to you by your counselor in the space provided. Select "Add Another CRN" and repeat this step for each course for which you are registering.
  7. Select "Add to Summary", which will add your course(s) to the "Summary" section at the bottom right of the page.
  8. Review the "Summary" section to verify the courses listed are correct.
  9. Select "Submit" at the bottom right corner of the page.
  10. Verify that the "Status" column in the "Summary" section displays "Registered" for each course.

Step 4: Pay Course Fees

You will need to pay your course fees ($5 per credit) online through your SUU Portal.

Please follow these instructions to pay for your course fees:

  1. Access your mySUU Portal using the username and password created when you activated your account.
  2. You should see a box that says "Account Balance" in the upper right hand corner - select the link in the box to take you to the Student Billing System.
  3. Follow the instructions to pay your balance - it can take the system up to 48 hours to show your payment in your portal

Drop for Non-Payment

There are two drop for non-payment deadlines. The first on is the Tuesday before the SUU semester starts. Students that have a balance at this time will be dropped to allow other students a chance to get into to concurrent enrollment courses. The second drop for non-payment date is usually a couple of weeks into the semester and is the last day that a student can drop a course without receiving a "W". Any student with a balance at that time will be dropped and they will not be able to reregister for the courses.

Step 5: (Optional) View and/or Order Transcript

You will need to view your unofficial transcript and then order a transcript.

Check your mySUU Portal for your unofficial transcript prior to ordering an official transcript in order to verify all your grades have posted.

Please follow these steps to view your unofficial transcript

  1. Access your SUU Portal
  2. After accessing the portal, you will see two gray boxes on the left hand side of the screen. In the "Banner" box (the bottom left box) select "Student Menu".
  3. You will then select "Student Records"
  4. You will then select "Academic Transcript".
  5. You will then select which "Transcript Level" you would like to see ("All Levels" will show you all your credits)
  6. You will then select "Submit"
  7. This will pull up an unofficial transcript. Make sure your grades for all your courses have been posted before ordering an official transcript

Please follow these steps to order your transcript:

  1. Access your mySUU Portal
  2. After gaining access to the portal, you will see a gray box on the right side of the screen titled, "Resources". Select "Order Transcripts".
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: When ordering transcripts, selecting "Hold for Grades" is not a guarantee that the transcript will include all grades.