Programs and Services

SUU Strives to develop and implement a unique resource center in teaching, research, and business consulting related to Chinese business and culture for the students, and local communities. The Confucius Institute at SUU will implement the following programs and services:

  • Provide Chinese educational courses: Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese society, and Chinese literature
  • Provide Chinese language teaching resources
  • Train Chinese language instructors
  • Hold the HSK examination (Chinese Proficiency Test) and tests for the Certification of Chinese Language Teachers
  • Provide information and consultative services concerning China’s education, culture, business, and economic development
  • Conduct language and cultural exchange activities
  • Faculty Exchange and collaborations
  • Music concerts and performances
  • Art and calligraphy exhibits
  • Study abroad in China
  • Workshops and Seminars on Chinese Business relating to Chinese culture, including international trade in China