Schedule & Class Instruction

Summer Semester

Summer face-to-face classes will look like spring. In-person attendance will not be required but students can be required to attend either in person or via Zoom. Face-to-face classes should be recorded, posted, and broadcasted. Extending this practice will allow an additional few months for those who are interested to receive the full vaccine cycle. 

Teaching Format for Classes

Cameras and microphones have been installed in each instructional space (classrooms, labs and other venues) to ensure that students can attend face-to-face classes remotely if they become ill. This will allow any SUU community member to engage in classroom activities and protect their health. Faculty will also be able to teach remotely if they become ill. Students enrolled in face-to-face courses are encouraged to attend, but if they cannot due to COVID-related issues, they will be able to participate remotely in class discussions via Zoom, and recordings of each class session will be published in the Canvas course for students to view throughout the semester.

There are four course delivery methods, face-to-face, synchronous remote, online, and hybrid. Course titles in the mySUU portal and SUU app have been modified to reflect the delivery method for each class, students should regularly check their schedule or reach out to their professors to see the delivery method for this semester. Faculty have been asked to make these decisions as soon as possible so students can make informed decisions about their semester plans.

Students do not need special documentation to attend remotely. However, with students being able to attend classes in person or remotely, we recommend students reach out to their faculty to notify them how they will be 'attending' class and so expectations can be clearly understood.

Faculty have been authorized to be very flexible with student attendance. This will help ensure no student who feels ill is forced to come to class. We want all students to have access to class sessions even if they are unable to be present. Additionally, faculty are working to make sure students understand what is expected at the beginning of each course, so we do not anticipate making any changes to late work policies, except to encourage faculty to provide greater flexibility where appropriate. Currently, faculty establish their own approach to accepting late work (depending on the details of each unique course).