Schedule & Class Instruction

Fall Schedule

The Fall 2020 semester will start on September 9, 2020 with lectures offered face-to-face, streamed online, and recorded for later access. This will continue until Thanksgiving Break on November 24. Following Thanksgiving Break, classroom instruction will shift exclusively to remote delivery from November 30 to December 11 and final exams will be held remotely December 14-17. This applies to all courses, with some exceptions, including nursing clinicals.

Students will be able to stay home after Thanksgiving or they can remain in Cedar City to continue working or utilizing campus services. Not holding class gatherings after Thanksgiving Break is one step we are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during what is anticipated to be a challenging flu season.

As of today, we are very much planning to be in-person for the entirety of the Spring Semester, holding classes face-to-face starting on January 7, 2021.

SUU’s plan is to avoid going entirely remote as a campus, but to isolate areas of campus or classes if there is an outbreak.

Teaching Format for Fall Classes

Cameras and microphones have been installed in each instructional space (classrooms, labs and other venues) to ensure that students can attend face-to-face classes remotely if they become ill. This will allow any SUU community member to engage in classroom activities and protect their health. Faculty will also be able to teach remotely if they become ill. Students enrolled in face-to-face courses are encouraged to attend, but if they cannot due to COVID-related issues, they will be able to participate remotely in class discussions via Zoom, and recordings of each class session will be published in the Canvas course for students to view throughout the semester.

There are four course delivery methods for Fall 2020, face-to-face, synchronous remote, online, and hybrid. Course titles in the mySUU portal and SUU app have been modified to reflect the delivery method for each class, students should regularly check their schedule or reach out to their professors to see the delivery method for this semester. Faculty have been asked to make these decisions as soon as possible so students can make informed decisions about their fall plans.

Students do not need special documentation to attend remotely. However, with students being able to attend classes in person or remotely, we recommend students reach out to their faculty to notify them how they will be 'attending' class and so expectations can be clearly understood.

Faculty have been authorized to be very flexible with student attendance for Fall 2020. This will help ensure no student who feels ill is forced to come to class. We want all students to have access to class sessions even if they are unable to be present. Additionally, faculty are working to make sure students understand what is expected at the beginning of each course, so we do not anticipate making any changes to late work policies, except to encourage faculty to provide greater flexibility where appropriate. Currently, faculty establish their own approach to accepting late work (depending on the details of each unique course).

Classroom Protocols

Faculty, staff and students are expected to wear face coverings as required by the Governor’s Executive Order. SUU will provide masks for those who do not have their own.

We believe all faculty, staff, and students want to stay healthy and are committed to others' safety. Students who choose not to wear a mask while in-class will be asked to access their course content through an online option. Faculty reserve the right to request any student who attends a face-to-face course without a mask, to leave the classroom. Any disruption of a class will be referred to the Dean of Students for adjudication in accordance with SUU Policy #11.2.

To help with contract tracing efforts this fall, professors will keep seating charts and take attendance in classrooms. High-touch areas such as handrails, doorknobs, computer labs/keyboards, elevator interiors, restroom surfaces and fixtures will be frequently cleaned and disinfected.

When a student, faculty, or staff member reports a positive COVID-19 case via the University’s online reporting form, an automated email is sent to the Dean of Students Office for processing. The following steps are then followed:

  1. The case is assigned to a Contact Tracer, which is an upper class Rural Health Scholars (pre-med) student who has been specifically trained for this task.
  2. The Contact Tracer will reach out to the positive individual to learn which university buildings, offices, and classrooms they have visited in the preceding days.
    1. If the positive individual has been in a class, the Contact Tracer will reach out to the course instructor to (1) inform the faculty member that someone who is now positive was in their class in the preceding days, and (2) to request a current class roster.
      1. NOTE: We are not asking faculty to do anything other than supply their attendance roll, so we can contact students. There is no need to send a separate email to the students in the class.
      2. Previously, faculty were asked to keep a seating chart when Iron County was in the orange phase of Utah's Plan. We still want faculty to continue doing this as we do not know when/if the Governor may change our current yellow status back to orange. If that change happens, the seating chart information will be required.
    2. If the positive individual has been in any offices on campus, the Dean of Students Office will notify the employees who work in that office of the possible exposure.
  3. The Dean of Students Office then sends an email to all the students in the course to let them know that a classmate has tested positive.
    1. In this email, we remind students of the directives from state and local health officials which are that individuals who have been exposed, but are not symptomatic, are still allowed and encouraged to come to campus and attend class. We also remind students to vigilantly self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.
  4. Finally, the Dean of Students Office and the Contact Tracers check-in daily with all students, faculty, and staff who report as testing positive for the duration of their standard isolation period.

Simultaneous to the University’s contact tracing efforts, the Southwest Utah Health Department also engages in contact tracing and will notify individuals who were in close contact (6 feet or closer for more than 15 minutes) with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19.

One last point related to contact tracing is the importance and requirement to track attendance at all campus activities, events, and in-person meetings. You can track attendance using our COVID-19 Contact Tracing Record Form, by swiping student ID cards, or by noting attendees in meeting minutes. In the end, the goal is to help us contain and hopefully reduce the spread of the disease and be able to inform the health department of who has been in contact with whom in any given situation.

Each department is responsible for determining how to manage their courses, labs, co-curricular events and activities. Please reach out to your faculty members, department chair, and dean for specific details.

Frequently Asked Questions