Employee Information

Resuming on-campus, in-person classes relies on the careful and deliberate actions of all of us. We are eager to be back on campus and want to encourage each of you to continue to do your part, support each other and most of all, keep yourselves and each other safe. As with all planning at this time, please remain adaptable to the changing environment as we navigate within this new “normal” together. 

Instruction and examinations will move to a remote delivery following the Thanksgiving break. However, the campus will remain open, as it normally would. Students will be able to stay home after Thanksgiving or they can remain in Cedar City to continue working or utilizing campus services. Not holding class gatherings after Thanksgiving is one step we are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during what is anticipated to be a challenging flu season.

Our best hope for staying open as a campus will require a shared commitment to effective health practices. As such, all members of the SUU community will be expected to commit to the following practices:

  1. Keep campus clean: University employees and students will participate in frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas such as handrails, doorknobs, computer labs/keyboards, elevator interiors, restroom surfaces and fixtures, etc. SUU Facilities will supply departments and instructional spaces with hand sanitizer, wipes and cleaning disinfectant.
  2. Follow state public health guidelines: This includes following restrictions on group sizes for residence halls, dining facilities, classrooms, and elsewhere on campus.
  3. Wear face coverings or masks on campus as required by the Governor’s Executive Order: SUU will provide a mask for those who do not have their own. 
  4. Maintain social distancing where possible: This includes in classrooms, labs, meetings, the library, and social gatherings. 

Procurement of PPE Supplies

Facilities Management has been asked to serve as a central point for procurement and distribution of supplies related to COVID-19 defense. The products that are available include hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, face masks, and gloves. The products will be provided without additional cost to the respective departments.

If you need these products for use in your department, have a designated person contact your building custodian. The custodial staff will provide distribution from our central stock. We ask that these requests be coordinated within each department so orders are not duplicated and we can manage the quantities being distributed to various areas of campus. Please only request quantities needed.

Building custodians are:

  • Brent Hughes (hughesb@suu.edu) - Shakespeare, SUMA, Randall Jones Theater 
  • Sam Heaps (heaps@suu.edu) - Braithwaite, General Classroom, Burch Mann, Music Technology
  • Jeremy Lake (jeremylake@suu.edu) - Bennion, Teacher Education, Old Main, Heat Plant, Leadership Engagement Center
  • Michelle Rossman (rossman@suu.edu) - Science, Skaggs, Community Engagement, General Classroom, Confucius
  • Tyler Adams (tyleradams1@suu.edu) - Hunter Conference, Police Department, Alumni House, Education
  • Brenden Hepworth (brendenhepworth@suu.edu) - Auditorium, Community Outreach, Shakespeare Daycare, Tradition room
  • Patrick Terrones (terrones@suu.edu) - Student Center, America First Event Center
  • Mark Bleak (3:30 p.m. - 12 a.m., markbleak@suu.edu) - Student Center, Multipurpose 1st floor
  • Brent Taylor (taylorb@suu.edu) - Business, Sports Performance, Eccles Stadium, Harris Center
  • Marsha Rowley (rowleym@suu.edu) - Library, Multipurpose, Geoscience
  • Michael Kartchner (kartchner@suu.edu) - ELC, Music, South Hall
  • Bret Hicken (brethicken@suu.edu) - PE Building, Engineering and Technology
  • Francis Roemer (3-11:30 p.m., francisroemer@suu.edu) - PE Building, Airport
  • Bob Tuckett (tuckett@suu.edu) - Facilities Management, Observatory, Farm Classes, Motorpool, West Campus shops, Multipurpose 2nd floor


University employees who have elevated risk factors for contracting the virus, or who desire to seek adjustments to their work circumstances because of COVID-related risk concerns, need to take the responsibility to engage with their supervisors and Human Resources to seek appropriate accommodations and adjustments, including those required for the American with Disabilities Act.

Work From Home

University employees who would like to be considered for a work from home arrangement need to engage with their supervisors and Human Resources to have their requests considered. Approval of a Work-at-Home Agreement is made on a case-by-case basis and requires the completion and approval of and continued compliance with a Work-at-Home Agreement.