Campus Coronavirus Updates

Faculty & Staff FAQs


Unfortunately, yes. The Utah System of Higher Education is requiring all public colleges and universities to postpone their commencement and graduation events scheduled for this spring.
We have already engaged the graduating student body officers and our Alumni Office for this cause. They will be seeking your input and offering suggestions as we work together on alternative commencement plans.
YES. Even though the actual event of commencement has been postponed for reasons out of our hands, you will still be an SUU graduate (assuming you pass all your courses and fulfill all graduation requirements).
Typically diplomas are available for pick-up and mailed out after final grades are posted, which happens between June and July. Any questions about diplomas can be directed to Sheila Johnson (

Yes! The refund will automatically be processed for everyone who has purchased their regalia. Graduates should see this processed within the week.

If anyone has questions about regalia refunds, please contact Kol Gibson (

Classes and Academics

Starting Monday, March 23, all instruction for Spring 2020 (including final exams, science labs, etc.) will be delivered remotely. The only exception will be for one-on-one flight instruction.

At the direction of Governor Gary Herbert, SUU will join the seven other institutions of the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) and temporarily move from face-to-face courses to online instruction due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19.

NO. You can continue working hard in your classes, giving yourself a chance to be successful in this new format. If the worst happens and you are not pleased with the outcome, you can withdraw from any course up to the April 19 deadline.

In an effort to help students who are adjusting to the temporary online delivery of classes, all students will have the option of either receiving a letter grade or a Pass/No-Credit (P/NC) grade for Spring 2020 classes.

Please review this Pass/No-Credit FAQ for details.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is currently closed but staff members are working remotely from home, M-F 8-5. Any students with readers will need to contact the DRC directly to give them instructions on how to access readers online. The DRC will no longer need to accommodate students with note-taking as instruction will be all-online.

If you have students in your class who are deaf, blind, visually impaired or hard of hearing, the DRC is working with the Office of Teaching & Learning to make sure these students are accommodated and supported by our office and the office of online teaching and learning.

The grade will appear on your transcript as a W, indicating that you participated in the course beyond the third week. The credits will be tallied into your Attempted Hours, but the W does not change your grade point average.
If you totally withdraw from the semester the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office is required to perform a calculation to determine if funds must be returned to the Department of Education. If you withdraw from less than all of your courses then no funds will need to be returned; however, you will still need to meet the 70% success rate for future aid.

The answer is, unfortunately, IT DEPENDS.

  1. If you have a scholarship from SUU you will not be required to pay it back, but you will use one of the terms of eligibility for the award.
  2. If you have a third party scholarship (e.g.: Regents, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.) it will depend on the outside organization, or grantor. We will contact them to find out their instructions for the particular circumstance.


  1. If the course is not required for your program of study, you may choose to repeat the course, or not.
  2. If the course is required for your program of study you must successfully complete the course with the minimum grade required for graduation.
NO. We are well beyond the refund period for all courses for the current semester. In addition, the University remains open and all courses are still offered. The teaching modality has changed due to directives from government and health leaders; not by the choice of SUU.
The course will appear with a grade of “W”, indicating that you participated beyond the third week of the course. The W grade does not calculate into your grade point average.
No. No colleges or universities in the state of Utah are offering any sort of refund of tuition and fee dollars for the spring semester. We certainly understand students may be frustrated with this change in instruction. Asking faculty and students to transition from face-to-face learning to remote instruction is an unprecedented scenario. We've never done it at this scale, nor have any other universities around the country. Hopefully we can all do our best to work together to maintain a positive learning environment, even though it is not the ideal learning modality for everyone. Faculty have a number of options to deliver their courses. Among those options is to deliver lectures and engage in discussions through videoconferencing. While this is not the same as a classroom discussion, learning in this way is a valuable professional skill. We're asking that all students do their best under these trying circumstances. We recognize this is certainly not ideal, but if we work together, we can ensure that you'll have the opportunity to accomplish your educational goals.
No, all final exams will be administered virtually online.

Faculty offices are open and available for use. While classes will be moving online starting March 23 through April 23, faculty have many resources available to them for making this transition.

Faculty will be hearing from their deans soon with more details about moving classes online.

We encourage faculty to be flexible and do their best to provide students with a positive learning environment. Please be accommodating as students’ extenuating circumstances arise.

Faculty will have full access to campus offices and resources and will be able to provide instruction from campus. The administration is currently developing a plan for remote work, however, we recognize that not every employee can or will be able to work from home. A follow-up message will be sent to all faculty from Interim Provost Eves with additional information regarding adjustments to instruction.

We encourage faculty to be flexible and do their best to provide students with a positive learning environment. Please be accommodating as students’ extenuating circumstances arise.

Faculty will be hearing from their deans soon with more details about moving classes online. The Online Teaching & Learning (OTL) office has several resources for faculty on their website, including request forms for a Zoom Pro license and a webcam if your office or personal computer doesn’t already have one. Please contact with other questions.

Staff and Student Workers

In regards to the work of our employees the goal is to limit face-to-face interaction. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to conduct their work virtually. Some individuals may be able to do so working from home while others may prefer to come to campus and work privately in their offices. Exceptions include academic college and department offices, as well as individuals who must interact with the public in a face-to-face manner. Employees should work with their supervisors for details.

For all student employees whose jobs have been disrupted as a result of these temporary adjustments, the university will provide alternate opportunities for work. The HR Department will be responsible to reassign them to other jobs on campus.

Travel and Study Abroad

Yes. Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in an abundance of caution, we have suspended all university-affiliated travel in international locations until further notice.This includes all programs offered through the Study Abroad Office, the Rural Health Scholars Program, Community Engagement and Community and Academic Enrichment.

International study abroad experiences that are scheduled to take place after the spring semester (April 24) until June and further into the summer are on hold until further notice. DO NOT make any additional purchases if you already have planned international travel.

All University-sponsored or endorsed domestic travel is strongly discouraged and will now only be approved in unique, essential situations. Prior to moving forward with domestic travel, individuals must have approval from their supervisor and the Emergency Response Team. This is an update and tightening of the guidelines shared with campus previously. Supervisors should send an email to the Emergency Response Team ( ) requesting that the University allow their employee to still travel.

While the University cannot restrict personal, non-university related travel, either internationally or domestically, SUU strongly recommends that all faculty, staff, and students reconsider any travel plans for the immediate future. SUU strongly recommends not traveling to any country with a travel advisory or restriction from the U.S. Department of State. There are no restrictions on traveling within the United States, but everyone is urged to be careful and refer to the CDC for the latest information.

If employees and students choose to travel, all need to understand that SUU is considering following the lead of other institutions and imposing a requirement for any faculty, staff, and students who travel abroad or to high outbreak areas within the United States, and then return to SUU, to practice social isolation and distancing for a minimum of 14 calendar days.

If you currently have a university-sponsored trip planned, individuals and groups must register their travel plans with the Emergency Response Team via this form, so we have a situational awareness of where our campus community might be going between now and the end of May. 

Through the spring semester and, depending on the risk assessments for COVID-19 provided by the CDC, possibly longer.
Yes. If SUU cancels a study abroad program, students will receive a full refund of the fees they paid to SUU for that study abroad program. If students booked flights directly with airlines, SUU cannot offer refunds for such expenses, but many airlines are being unusually flexible with ticket changes due to the coronavirus situation. In the event a study abroad program is canceled, we recommend that students work with their airline or travel agent to get a refund or credit toward a future flight.

As a student who is currently studying abroad with an exchange program, your status and travel are different from students who travel with SUU faculty chaperones as part of SUU-sponsored programs. While still enrolled at SUU for credit, you also have a formal connection to another university that has some responsibilities for your education, safety and welfare. We also recognize that you are independent adults with authority over your travel decisions. That being said, SUU still wants you to know that we are concerned for you and want you to exercise caution and wisdom in doing what is best for you.

The current guidelines and recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. State Department, and the Utah Department of Health are that any US student who is currently abroad should consider returning to the USA. SUU takes guidance from these entities very seriously and, based upon this guidance, joins in recommending that you consider returning to the US at this time.

At this time, it is SUU’s understanding that this national guidance is not mandatory, although we encourage you to continue to monitor all relevant and evolving guidance on these issues that could impact you.