Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, this page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available and decisions are made.

Schedule and Classroom Instruction

Schedule and Classroom Instruction

There are four course delivery modalities, and it is important you understand how the institution is defining these options.

  • Face-to-Face - Students meet with the instructor at regularly scheduled times (synchronous learning), primarily in a classroom. Students in face-to-face courses will normally be expected to be physically present for all or part of the term/semester.
  • Synchronous Remote - Students meet via videoconferencing (e.g., Zoom) or other appropriate instructional technology at regularly scheduled times (synchronous learning). 
  • Online - Students do not meet with the instructor at predetermined times (asynchronous learning). Online courses do not require students to be physically present at any point during the term.
  • Hybrid - Instruction is delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students in hybrid courses will normally be expected to be physically present for part of the term. 

* The codes and definitions above will be used for courses at the beginning of fall term/semester. Safety and public health concerns may require courses to shift their delivery modality during the semester. In all modalities, instruction will be supplemented via technology such as Canvas, SUU's learning management system.

SUU has modified the way course titles are displayed in the student course lists in the portal and in the SUU mobile app to show the delivery modality. If you log into your schedule, you’ll see something that looks like the following examples:

  • ANLY 6100 - 01  Data Analytics (Face-to-Face)
  • SPAN 3210 - 01R  Advanced Grammar & Composition (Synchronous Remote)
  • ECON 2010 - 31I  Principles of Microeconomics (Online)
  • MATH 1010 - 30Y  Intermediate Algebra (Hybrid)

Many faculty have already determined the modality for their class. Others are still deciding. As faculty decide how they want to teach, their class will be updated in the portal. Therefore, students should regularly check their schedule or reach out to their professors. Faculty have been asked to make these decisions as soon as possible so students can make informed decisions about their fall plans.

All students who would normally attend face to face classes should plan to do so, unless they are ill or are concerned for their health. However, if a student is ill or concerned for their health, students will be able to complete classes this fall whether they stay home or are here in Cedar City. Digital recording equipment will be installed in each instructional space (classrooms, labs and other venues) so that students can log in and attend face-to-face classes remotely. This will allow any SUU community member to engage in classroom activities in the way they feel comfortable. Faculty will also be able to teach remotely in accordance with their personal health needs. Faculty will likely post the link for how to listen/watch live in the syllabus (and/or Canvas) or simply email it to their students. We recommend to students that they reach out to their faculty to notify them how they will be 'attending' class.

Yes. The intent is that this semester is normal and that students attend face to face classes, however, if they are symptomatic or concerned for their health, they can participate remotely. All students will be able to complete the fall semester from another location. Students should notify their faculty if they are completing the course from a distance rather than attending class in-person. International students will need to be mindful of how this will impact their non-immigrant status and to contact International Affairs if there are any questions.

No, students do not need special documentation to attend classes remotely. However, students should notify their faculty if they are completing the course from a distance rather than attending class in-person so expectations can be clearly understood. Remote attendance should be for those who are ill or symptomatic.

Yes, we are developing resources for students to help with online learning.

No, classes will continue, but instruction and examinations will move to a remote delivery following Thanksgiving break. Campus will remain open, as it normally would. Students will be able to stay home after Thanksgiving if they so choose, or they can return to Cedar City to continue working or utilizing campus services. Not holding class gatherings after Thanksgiving is one step SUU is taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during what is anticipated to be a challenging flu season.

As of today, the information provided in the SUU Open Campus document is final. Having said that, this is an ever-evolving situation and plans could shift if the Governor’s Office or Utah System of Higher Education mandates we adjust our fall semester plans.

In addition to the cameras that will be installed in every classroom, SUU is purchasing a set of GoPro cameras that can livestream and record. Faculty will be able to check these portable cameras out so they can capture activities from multiple locations and angles.

There are no changes to the Academic Calendar at this time. We will continue to monitor any changes in public health conditions and follow guidance of local health and government officials.

No, as of today, classes will not move to a Pass/Fail or Pass/No Credit model.  The Pass/No Credit option in the spring semester was given because of the surprise and severe disruption that occurred in the middle of the term. We are now better able to plan and prepare for the conditions.

Recordings will only be posted within the Canvas shell of the course, so only students enrolled in the course will have access.

Class sizes will not change. The location of a few large classes will be changed to very large rooms (e.g., the Great Hall) to better accommodate social distancing.

Safety is our top priority. At the moment, we are awaiting direction from the State of Utah and the Utah System of Higher Education regarding appropriate social distancing practices in our classrooms. When we have more information, we'll be sure to include it here.

Yes, the semester start/end dates and all breaks will remain as planned. The only change will be that all instruction will move to remote (virtual) after Thanksgiving, as will finals week.

There are no plans to adjust or cancel these experiences at this time.  However, educational settings that include hands-on, experiential, or field-based learning will be evaluated by the faculty in each department to determine appropriate ways to offer a vibrant learning experience and maintain the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.

Faculty have been authorized to be very flexible with student attendance. This will help ensure no student who feels ill is forced to come to class. We want all students to have access to class sessions even if they are unable to be present. Cameras installed in every classroom will allow students who cannot attend class to either view the class session in real time or watch a recording of the class at a later date.

Faculty are working to make sure students understand what is expected at the beginning of each course, so we do not anticipate making any changes to late work policies, except to encourage faculty to provide greater flexibility where appropriate. Currently, faculty establish their own approach to accepting late work (depending on the details of each unique course). Some assignments are time-bound and allowing make-up work is not possible. In the context of Fall 2020, faculty have been encouraged to adopt as much flexibility as possible to ensure students have every opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of the course and earn course credit.

Yes. As of today, we are planning to hold classes in-person in the spring semester.

High Risk Individuals

High-Risk Individuals

Faculty, staff, and students in high-risk categories are encouraged to not be on campus during fall semester 2020. Remote coursework options are available for students in these situations. All lectures will offer face-to-face, live remote delivery, and on-demand remote delivery options, giving high-risk students the opportunity to continue their schooling. Students who have elevated risk factors should work directly with their faculty members.

Please contact your individual faculty members and instructors to discuss arrangements. Faculty are working to be flexible and provide support for students. Also, you might consider visiting your local library or another location with free wifi. Finally, you might try contacting your area internet provider to see if they are offering any discounts on internet services to help during this crisis.

Yes, you may continue taking your classes remotely. All classrooms will have a camera that will allow classes to be live-streamed and recorded.

We do not have health data on all our students and therefore are not planning to assign roommates based on health characteristics.

Campus Resources and Services

Campus Resources & Services

While there will definitely be adjustments to the way we provide services, we are anticipating campus being fully open and operational this fall.
Yes, students with disabilities should continue to work with the Disability Resource Center to get formal accommodations. Faculty will work with the Disability Resource Center and the Online Teaching & Learning (OTL) office to fulfill those formal accommodations for students.
Student Success Advisors are, for the most part, available for in-person meetings this fall as long as students are wearing masks. If students need to meet remotely, advisors can easily accommodate that request via a phone or Zoom meeting. You may schedule an appointment with your advisor online here or by calling the advising main office at 435-586-5420.
Yes. The PE Building, Fitness Center, and Rock Climbing Wall will be open this fall. Access and availability may be slightly limited to maintain the health and safety of those utilizing the facilities.
The HOPE Pantry currently has (bar) soap, as well as shampoo and toothpaste available to students. It will continue to have soap and other toiletry items available. Due to availability, as well as restrictions on purchasing consumer sizes of liquid soap, cleaning wipes, and paper towels in large quantities, the Pantry is unable to provide those items.
If SUU has funding remaining after supporting students who experienced a disruption to campus services in the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters and the university experiences another disruption to services, then CARES Act grants will be available to students who meet the eligibility requirements. Students with questions on CARES Act funding should email
Yes! CAPS counselors will be working with students to provide individual counseling, group counseling, and crisis services. Some services may be offered remotely to protect the health of campus and ensure services can continue to be provided. Research shows that remote counseling services (telemental health) are effective, and that offering remote counseling increases access for many. CAPS also provides many wellness resources on its website For more information or to seek services, please call 435-865-8621.

Keeping Campus Healthy

Keeping Campus Healthy

All public areas are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis (daily Monday - Friday). High touch points, such as door handles, elevator buttons, handrails etc., are disinfected multiple times per day. Disinfectant wipes will be available in each classroom should students desire to disinfect their own spaces.

Supplies will be provided in many locations across campus, including each classroom, which can be used to disinfect chairs, desks, or computers.

While there will definitely be adjustments to the way we provide services so that we can preserve health and safety the best we can, we are anticipating campus being fully open and operational this fall.

All members of the SUU community and any authorized contractors or visitors are being asked to maintain a distance of 6 feet while on campus. The university has taken steps to proactively establish conditions, wherever possible, in the residential, dining, and academic settings, to facilitate maintaining a distance of 6 feet.

Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in key locations around campus, particularly in areas where hand washing is not available.

Testing, Contact Tracing, Quarantine

Testing, Contact Tracing, Quarantine

If you receive a positive test for COVID-19, please report your information via this website. All personal information will be kept confidential.

  • If symptoms of COVID-19 are present, faculty, staff, and students must contact their doctor (or other local health professional) to see if they should be tested. Download Utah’s Healthy Together App for a 10-second health check.
  • If the medical professional recommends a test, proceed to a local testing facility, get tested, and then isolate yourself in your home/apartment until test results are received.
  • If results are positive, the faculty, staff, or student will isolate for 14 days, participate in contact tracing led by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, and report their positive test results to SUU.
  • If the results are negative, stay home until you are symptom free.
  • If the medical professional does not recommend a test, stay home until you are symptom free from whatever illness you have.

Cedar City’s InstaCare is the local testing site. The quickest way to receive your free test is to first call the COVID-19 hotline at 1-844-442-5224 to be pre-screened and order a test. When you arrive at the yellow tents next to the InstaCare on Sage Drive, you will be tested immediately instead of waiting for the pre-screen and test order.

  • SUU has appointed Heather Ogden, Dean of Students, to coordinate SUU’s COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. To fully prepare to monitor incidences on campus, we will do the following for contact tracing:
    • Partner with Southwest Utah Public Health Department in their contact tracing efforts.
    • Encourage all students, faculty, and staff to download the Healthy Together app developed by the State of Utah.  All persons affiliated with SUU will be asked to report their symptoms via the app as prompted.
    • Keep seating charts and take attendance in classrooms.
    • Where feasible, take attendance at campus activities and events.
    • SUU's COVID-19 Reporting Form will be available online for students, faculty, and staff to report known incidences of infection.
    • Closely monitor and respond to self-reported test results that are submitted through the internal University COVID-19 website.  These submissions will be monitored by the Dean of Students.
  • We ask the SUU campus community to help track the spread of COVID-19. If you have tested positive for the virus or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, please fill out the SUU COVID-19 Reporting Form.
  • This information will help us to reduce the spread of the disease by making sure appropriate areas of campus are cleaned and disinfected. The Southwest Utah Public Health Department will continue to do contact tracing and notifications for confirmed cases.

No. Students who test positive for COVID-19 do not need to return home. They should, however, follow all directions from the Southwest Utah Public Health Department for self-isolation.

Self-isolation is for people who are sick or have tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone who lives in your house should stay at home if someone in your house tests positive for COVID-19. The safe and effective way to self-isolate at home is to stay in one room away from any others living in the home and use a separate bathroom if possible.

Yes. SUU has designated one residence hall for self-isolation of students living on-campus who test positive for COVID-19. The isolation spaces are designed to remove infectious students from the residence hall setting in order to minimize the potential for large-scale transmission of COVID-19. This is especially relevant for students in residence halls where a large number of students share living, kitchen, and bathroom space. Students who are in quarantine may also be asked to remain in their existing spaces if appropriately configured for that purpose. Residence Life will guide the protocols for isolation and quarantine and will provide instructions to residents. There is no additional nursing or medical care in the isolation space. Any student, living on-campus or off, should contact their physician for specific instructions to their health needs.

Students living off campus that test positive will be provided with information and instructions for self-isolation and care, and the Student Health Center will regularly check in with them while they are recovering.

Students living off-campus should self-isolate in their personal homes. They will not self-isolate in the campus building because it is safer for them to remain at their own home and not travel back and forth to campus while sick. Roommates who have been living with the student will be likely to be contacted by the the Southwest Utah Public Health Department contact tracing team and will be required to quarantine in their off campus home for 14 days, just the way that family members would be expected to do if the student was living at home. The safe and effective way to self-isolate at home is to stay in one room away from any others living in the home and use a separate bathroom if possible. This is the same approach that will be utilized in the on-campus self-isolation space.

No, students will not be required to quarantine when you return from traveling. However, all are encouraged to self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 if symptoms arise.

SUU will follow all guidance and direction from local, state, and federal health officials, and any recommendations from the Utah System of Higher Education. SUU will continue to provide important updates on the website.

Contract tracing will be in place on campus. It is possible that if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you will be notified by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department or SUU.

SUU will update the website with important updates.

No. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are having symptoms, we encourage you to either contact your health care provider or call the Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) COVID-19 Hotline at 844-442-5224 for local Cedar City services.

No, students will not be required to quarantine when coming to campus in September. However, all are encouraged to self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 if symptoms arise.

Yes, we have set aside space for students who have to quarantine or isolate. We will partner with SUU Dining Services to bring in meals and snacks for these individuals, as well as other essential items.

See Housing Information.

Employee Information

Employee Information

We must carefully consider the health and wellness of our faculty and staff. If a faculty member is experiencing symptoms but still feels well enough to teach, they are encouraged to transition their courses to “synchronous remote” delivery until they are symptom-free and cleared. If a faculty member does not feel well enough to teach, we will find an appropriate course of action on a case-by-case basis. Faculty should work with their chairs and deans.

Until December 31, 2020, a special provision for COVID-related sick time is in effect provided the employee meets one of six criteria. A full-time employee is eligible for up to 80 hours of paid sick leave. Part time employees (including student employees) can qualify for a pro rata amount of sick time based on the number of hours they would normally work, on average, over a 2 week period.

The qualifiers are as follows. (Only one of these criteria need to be met to qualify)

  • The employee is subject to a federal, state, or local quarantine or isolation order;
  • The employee has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine;
  • The employee is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and is seeking a medical diagnosis;
  • The employee is caring for an individual who (a) is subject to a federal, state, or local quarantine or isolation order or (b) has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine;
  • The employee is caring for a minor child if the child’s school or place of care has been closed; or
  • The employee is experiencing any other substantially similar condition specified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The sick pay is calculated at 100% for self-quarantine purposes and 2/3 pay for care of a quarantined family member or child out of school/closed daycare using the employee's normal rate of pay but has daily and aggregate limits which are determined by the criteria used for taking the leave. See HR for details.

COVID-19 sick leave taken for any of the six criteria per the regulation is separate from University-provided sick leave. Thus, documentation must be on file with HR to use it. The form is available on the HR portal of the SUU website. Employees should immediately complete the form and forward to HR for processing. ALL employees must file COVID-19 sick time leave and Emergency FMLA with HR.

For the purposes of COVID-19-related leave purposes, employees qualify for Emergency FMLA with 30 days of employment with the University. Up to 12 weeks of EFMLA can be taken to care for a minor child if their school or place of care has been closed Documentation may be needed form the health care provider, school, or daycare provider. The first 2 weeks of EFMLA may be covered by COVID-19 sick leave. If that is exhausted, the employee may choose SUU-earned sick time. If neither are available when the need for EFMLA arises, the first 2 weeks will be unpaid. If the employee is still out starting in week 3 of the 12 week allotment, no less than 2/3 of the employees pay up to $200/day up to $10,000/aggregate will be paid to the employee. (based on a 5 day workweek)

Emergency FMLA provides the same job protections that 'normal' FMLA does. Thus, SUU will make a reasonable effort to restore the employee to the same or an equivalent position upon their return.



To support healthy distancing and limit exposure, University Housing will be spacing out move-ins for new students over the course of three days. The schedule for check-ins are listed below and will be emailed to every student living in the residence halls. Students will report directly to the floor to which they have been assigned. University Housing staff will be emailing additional instructions to students in early August.

Early move-ins can only be granted with permission from University Housing. To obtain this exception you must email Typically, exceptions will only be made for individuals required by the university to be here early. If travel arrangements have already been made for September 5th based upon published dates from last year, then you are approved to move-in on September 5th.

Thur, Sept. 3, 2020 1pm-8pm
3rd floors:

  • Eccles A300, B300, C300
  • Cedar North 1300, Cedar South 2300
  • Founders 300

Fri, Sept. 4, 2020 8am-6pm
2nd & 4th floors:

  • Eccles A200, B200, C200, C400
  • Cedar North 1200, Cedar South 2200
  • Founders 200 & 400

Sat, Sept. 5, 2020 8am-6pm
PT & 1st floors:

  • Ponderosa Terrace (PT) apartments 1-9
  • Eccles B100, C100
  • Cedar North 1100, Cedar South 2100
  • Founders 100

Yes, University Housing will remain open when the university switches to remote instruction. If students are not returning to campus for the Spring Semester and choose to formally check out of their residence hall at Thanksgiving, they will be able to request a reimbursement for the final 3 weeks of the fall semester. However, if students are returning in the Spring Semester, then they are welcome to leave their belongings in their residence hall room between semesters and will not receive a reimbursement of housing fees.

If an individual is experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, vomiting), they should report these symptoms to the Residence Life Staff. The student experiencing symptoms will be asked to isolate and be assigned to a room within the designated isolation spaces for a period of 14 days after a positive test result. If the student has not taken a test, it will be recommended and the student will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days in the newly assigned space. Roommates who have been living with the student will be likely to be contacted by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department contact tracing team. Roommates should self-quarantine in their current space for 14 days if they are exposed to an individual with symptoms or a positive COVID test result.

SUU has designated one residence hall (Renaissance Apts.) for self-isolation of students living on-campus who test positive for COVID-19. The isolation spaces are designed to remove infectious students from the residence hall setting in order to minimize the potential for large-scale transmission of COVID-19. This is especially relevant for students in residence halls where a large number of students share living, kitchen, and bathroom space. Students who are in quarantine may also be asked to remain in their existing spaces if appropriately configured for that purpose. Residence Life will guide the protocols for isolation and quarantine and will provide instructions to residents.

Residence Life Staff will work closely with residents to report symptoms and assist in any necessary isolation and quarantine. University Housing housekeeping staff have been tasked to perform additional cleanings on high touch and heavy contact surfaces. Large scale events have been moved to Spring semester and University Housing will adopt guidelines for gatherings at any planned activities or events. Move-Ins at University Housing facilities have been spaced over a period of three days to minimize contacts with others and to promote social distancing. Sanitation stations have been set up in each residence hall during the move-in period.

If the University is required by the Governor’s Office or Health Department to move to remote instruction for the spring semester, yes, there will be an adjustment to university housing contracts for students who live in university housing. Students who live off-campus would have to work with their landlords on a possible shift to their contracts.

We do not have health data on all our students and therefore are not planning to assign roommates based on health characteristics.

Students that are high risk should notify Residence Life staff by emailing or during Move-Ins on September 3rd, 4th, and 5th. High risk students and their roommates will be given additional guidance.



As of now, we are preparing to have a full fall sports season. However, this dynamic changes daily. We are fully committed to being an engaged member of campus. Should the fall sport season be shut down, we are already exploring alternative options of providing safe and engaging events for the students on campus.
While following all applicable safety guidelines to help protect the SUU community, we intend to make the student experience this upcoming year as robust and vibrant as any other semester at SUU. For example, the Student Programming Board (SPB) is planning at least two events each week throughout the semester. Some of these events will be in-person while others will be virtual. These events include Paint the Town Red, Paint Dance, outdoor movies, and so much more. Per Governor Herbert's executive order, it is expected that all students who attend the in-person events wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing where possible. To ensure a safe environment at these events, there may be a limit of students who can attend some in-person events, limited and/or spaced out seating, and other precautions that align with Utah's COVID-19 guidelines. For more information about student events, please contact Heather Garcia at 
Yes, parents, guardians, and friends will be allowed to visit campus this fall. However, they will be expected to wear masks and follow campus safety procedures.
Yes, SUU Commencement will be held on August 8 at 10:00 a.m. We have moved the location to the Upper Quad in order to hold the ceremony outside. Guidelines issued from the State of Utah will be followed at the time of commencement. The ceremony will also be live streamed if you would prefer to watch online. For more information please visit
This decision is being made on a case by case basis. Participants must also adhere to guidelines issued by the State of Utah and SUU.



Below are the campus dining options that will be open this fall and their planned date for resuming service.
  • Thunderbird Circle will open 9/8/2020
  • Chick-Fil-A will open 9/8/2020
  • The Market will open 9/8/2020
  • Papa Johns will open 9/14/2020
  • Breakfast and Co will open 9/21/2020
  • Catering Events will be available after 8/10/2020 on case by case basis.
  • Banquet style events will not be available.
  • Contactless catering will allow for Safely Served Catering Drops, Served and Self-Served buffet lines with additional PPE costs per event.
      • SUU Dining Services takes the safety of our patrons very seriously.  Below is a list of measures that will be taken this fall to keep everyone safe.
        • Every associate will receive a wellness check to include self-reported illnesses and a contactless temperature check at the beginning of every shift.
        • Face coverings will be provided and expected to be worn at all times by associates.
        • We strongly advise guests wear masks as well, except when eating.
        • Gloves are worn at all times when handling food.
        • Plexi health shield barriers used at all registers and points of service.
        • All dining locations will be cashless operations. Eliminating cash transactions to improve safety and speed of service
        • Associates wash hands and change gloves every 30 minutes, or less.
        • Associates continuously clean tables, chairs and all high-touch surfaces with sanitizer.
        • Sanitizer stations are available for guests to use at the entrances and exits and in the production areas for associates.
        • Upon closing for the day, the team will disinfect the entire facility utilizing Diversey disinfectant.
        • Back of house cleaning procedures will take place every 30 minutes. The culinary team will clean and sanitize surfaces and high-touch areas.
        • Floor decals and signs for guests to follow proper distancing and flow of service.
        • Tables in Residential Dining will be arranged for effective social distancing.
        • Discontinue all reusable beverage containers at all retail dining locations.
        • All delivery personnel must be wearing a mask and must receive a wellness check prior to entering our food storage or production areas.
Residential Dining seating will adhere to Iron County Health Department Guidelines which currently require seating to support six feet social distancing.
Residential Dining will remain “all you care to eat” however there will be no self-serve options. Our friendly and helpful staff will serve all food safely from behind a plexiglass barrier.
SUU administration is working with Chartwells to explore more flexible meal plan options. More details will be released in the weeks ahead.