Housing Information During COVID-19


Cleaning & Safety

Hand sanitizing stations are available in the lobbies of every University Housing residential facility. Exterior doors will be propped open during business hours to provide additional airflow and to minimize contact with common area high-touch surfaces as much as possible. University Housing housekeeping staff regularly be passing through the buildings to disinfect these surfaces as well as elevator buttons, doors, and handles.

In keeping with the University’s desire to provide as “normal” experience as possible for students, all common space areas within University Housing (bathrooms, lobbies, kitchens) will be kept open with the exception of the small gym in Founders Hall. A clear, plastic partition has been installed in the main University Housing office to provide a barrier between customer and staff as a 6-ft minimal distance is typically not observed in this space.

Signs have been posted encouraging you to follow and observe CDC and regional health guidelines to prevent possible virus transmission. All residents are encouraged to purchase cleaning supplies, face coverings and masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.

Household Units

Consistent with our public health guidance, all individuals living in the same suite or apartment are considered a “household”. If an individual is experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, vomiting), they should report these symptoms to the Residence Life Staff. The student experiencing symptoms will be asked to isolate and be assigned to a room within the designated isolation spaces for a period of 10 days after a positive test result. If the student has not taken a test, it will be recommended and the student will be asked to self-isolate for 10 days in the newly assigned space.

Roommates who have been living with the student will be likely to be contacted by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department contact tracing team. Roommates should self-quarantine in their current space for 10 days if they are exposed to an individual with symptoms or a positive COVID test result.

Protocols for Quarantine and Isolation

To fully prepare to contain potential outbreaks for students who live in on-campus housing, SUU will implement the following protocols for quarantine/isolation halls:


Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate themselves from others for 10 days or 3 days post symptom, whichever is longer. Students can return to their permanent residence if they so choose or may utilize University-owned apartments while in isolation. If these beds all fill, the University has arrangements with local hotels for additional isolation beds.

SUU will utilize the Macbeth and Renaissance apartments as quarantine/isolation halls.  In these facilities there are 29 beds available for use.

  • In these apartments students will have a private bedroom and bathroom.
  • Students will have access to the internet so they are able to continue their schooling.
  • SUU will partner with SUU Dining Services to bring in meals and snacks for these individuals.
  • SUU will assist in providing other essential supplies as needed.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 or are feeling symptomatic, please contact the Resident Assistant On-Call for your building after hours or the University Housing office at (435) 586-7966 during business hours 8 am -5 pm M-F.
  • For a more extensive definition of ‘isolation’, please visit the CDC website.


Students who have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 will be asked to quarantine in their own apartment for 10 days.

Off-Campus Housing 

All students who have signed contracts with off-campus housing entities will need to discuss their own personal situation with the landlord prior to signing any contracts, including no face-to-face courses after Thanksgiving break. The university is not responsible for rent or fees for off-campus housing.

Students living off campus that test positive should follow the procedures outlined on the Testing, Contact Tracing, & Quarantine page.

Students living off-campus should self-isolate in their personal homes. They will not self-isolate in the campus building because it is safer for them to remain at their own home and not travel back and forth to campus while sick.


Frequently Asked Questions