Faculty, staff and students are expected to wear face coverings as required by the Governor’s Executive Order. SUU will provide one washable, reusable face mask for those who do not have their own. Thereafter, individuals should bring and continue to provide their own face coverings. Face coverings should be changed or laundered routinely. Face coverings are not expected in private living spaces and enclosed office areas occupied by a single individual. Free face coverings are available to individuals through this state of Utah program.

In addition, we will continue to make available specialty masks for science labs or other areas that require unique protection; to the extent we did prior to COVID-19. 

We believe all faculty, staff, and students want to stay healthy and are committed to others' safety. Students who choose not to wear a mask while on campus will be asked to access their course content through an online option. Faculty reserve the right to request any student who attends a face-to-face course without a mask, to leave the classroom. Any disruption of a class will be referred to the Dean of Students for adjudication in accordance with SUU Policy #11.2.

All faculty, staff, and students will be required to wear masks during campus events and activities. Those without masks will be asked to leave the event.

Facilities Management has been asked to serve as a central point for procurement and distribution of supplies related to COVID-19 defense. Supervisors may order disposable masks through Facilities for their offices. Please contact your assigned building custodian.

The Centers for Disease Control also published instructions for making your own cloth face covering.