COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Travel increases the risks of coronavirus exposure for your family, friends, community, and you. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued level-3 warnings to avoid nonessential travel to most countries around the world and continues to discourage domestic travel. The state of Utah has also issued travel precautionary guidelines.

Acknowledging the risks and recommendations and to preserve the health of our SUU community, the following travel restrictions are extended until further notice.

Business Travel

  • Domestic Travel: Only essential travel is currently allowed. Travel may be considered essential if it directly relates to recruiting and retaining students, preserves a University program, is critical for tenure/rank advancement, or involves a required training or certification for an individual's position. A Travel Authorization is required.
  • International Travel: Consistent with CDC guidance and for the safety of our campus community, all study and learning abroad travel has been cancelled or postponed until further notice. In addition, domestic alternative breaks will work locally until next spring. All international business travel to USDOS Level 4 regions is prohibited; travel to USDOS Level 3 is discouraged but may be permitted following protocols outlined in University policy 5.30.

Travelers and their supervisors should consider the risks that may be associated with a destination and activities in which a traveler may participate. One or more of the following factors add additional risk to travel. The traveler and supervisor should consider whether the traveler:

  • Will attend any large gatherings of 50 people or more.
  • Will engage in any activities where they are unable to social distance (excluding air or vehicle travel).
  • Is a person with a high risk of severe complications from COVID-19.
  • Will be interacting with persons with a high risk of severe complications from COVID-19.
  • Will interact with or attend events with persons from various locations, including high-risk locations.

Business travel to high-risk locations is discouraged. Helpful resources for infection rate trends include:

SUU will continue to monitor CDC and Department of State information and loosen restrictions consistent with the guidance provided by the CDC and/or State Department.

Personal Travel

Travelers should be aware of travel restrictions in the areas to where they travel. Although supervisory approval is not required for personal travel, the traveler should notify the supervisor in advance and develop a contingency plan in case the traveler is required to quarantine after returning home. Personal international travel is highly discouraged. Employees returning from international travel must follow CDC guidelines and the State of Utah Travel Guidance, which may include a 14 day quarantine.

Field Trips

Faculty should be flexible and assess each field trip situation as it arises. If a field trip is not essential to the course, faculty should consider foregoing the trip this year. If a field trip is essential to the course, the University is following State Guidelines for field trip transportation, which includes:

  1. Symptom checking of all staff at the beginning of each shift, (checklist or verbal), including temperature checks when feasible.
  2. Symptom checking of participants prior to entering any University vehicle, (checklist or verbal), including temperature checks when feasible.
  3. Wash or sanitize hands before entering a University vehicle and after leaving the vehicle.
  4. Appointments scheduled with enough time allowed to disinfect all surfaces between students (SUU Motor Pool vehicles will be cleaned upon return of the vehicle).
  5. All students and drivers must wear face coverings while in a University vehicle.
  6. No food or drinks should be consumed while driving or riding in a University vehicle.
  7. Passengers should be arranged so that no person is sitting directly next to another person (i.e. no person in the middle seats, and not three to a row).
  8. If possible, keep the windows open to increase air flow. If you are using the ventilation system, use outside air instead of recirculated air.
  9. Record contact information of passengers in each vehicle to assist with contact tracing.
  10. The number of occupants in any state motor pool vehicle may never exceed the manufacturer’s specified passenger count and weight capacity. Questions may be addressed to Mike Humes.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic faculty may encourage, but should not require, students to provide their own transportation on course required field trips. If the student chooses to provide their own transportation, or find a ride, they can do so. Per SUU Policy, personal vehicles are not covered by the University’s auto insurance policy. The owner of the vehicle assumes all responsibility and liability.

Once faculty and students reach their destination, they should follow similar guidelines to the on-campus experiences, including wearing face masks while indoors and when social distancing is difficult outdoors.