Student on southern Utah rocks.

Geosciences Department

Geosciences at Southern Utah University encompass programs in Geology, Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). BS degree programs are offered in Geology and Geographic Information Systems, while teaching minors are available in Geology and Geography. GIS also offers a certificate program.


Geography is traditionally divided into three areas, and all three are offered in the SUU geography curriculum. Read more about Geography at SUU


The bachelor degree in Geology program at SUU is well known for its location in one of the most geologically spectacular settings in the country. The program stresses field-based experiences and undergraduate research opportunities while students earn their geology degree in this stunning setting. Read more about Geology at SUU

Geographic Information Systems

Our GIS courses and laboratory serve many departments, degrees, and affiliated entities across the SUU campus and surrounding communities. The GIS courses and laboratory teach spatial technologies through hands-on experience. Read more about Geographic Information Systems at SUU