an image of the geosciences building

About the Geosciences Department

The Department of Geosciences at Southern Utah University provides teaching, research, and service regarding Earth’s processes and properties. We provide high quality interdisciplinary educational opportunities for students within Geosciences (Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science) to gain relevant knowledge and skills that enable students to achieve their professional goals and help solve the resource and environmental challenges facing the state, nation, and world.


We focus on field-oriented instruction that takes advantage of our spectacular location and complement that instruction with state-of-the-art laboratories and computer software. Students can earn Degrees, Minors, and Certificates in Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science.


We study Earth’s processes and properties and its connections to other sciences and society. Students have many opportunities to engage in research with our team of interdisciplinary scientists to address issues of local relevance and international importance. Our focus on undergraduate research provides students with opportunities that propel them towards careers or further graduate studies.


We are committed to the belief that one of the university’s main roles in society is to help create a scientifically informed community. Consequently, our faculty and students provide outreach and actively engage with the local and regional community to provide service to the community and help them learn more about the environment in which they live.