COS Mission Vision Values

The College’s Mission

In an increasingly science-based world, we provide scientific education in learning environments that encourage exploration, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication; preparing students and the community to be scientifically literate citizens.

The College’s Vision

We will be nationally and internationally recognized as forward-thinking leaders in experiential science education; inspiring generations of professional scientists, scientific educators, health professionals, advocates, and entrepreneurs who invigorate communities for the betterment of civil societies.

The College’s Values

  1. Science is the experiential, process-oriented activity that advances our knowledge and understanding of the universe
  2. Diversity and inclusion of science practitioners
  3. Diversity of thought emphasizing ethics, scientific reasoning, and research methods
  4. Policies and practices that promote and advance data-driven decision making
  5. Faculty, students, and staff collaboratively engaged in scientific activities
  6. Collegiality and positive work environments, promoting intellectual discourse and engagement among diverse topic areas
  7. Mentor-mentee relationships that support student learning, from hypothesis development to experimental design and analysis to communication of outcomes
  8. Classroom environments that utilize high-impact practices, inspiring future generations of scientists
  9. Community engagement both within and outside the SUU campus, and using science to support the welfare of its stakeholder communities within and external to SUU.